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A joint account that can create positive impact

A truly responsible bank can make society better. We use the money our customers deposit to make loans to people, community organisations and businesses that create positive change. By choosing to bank with us, you will have peace of mind knowing your money won’t be supporting the growth of harmful industries.

Why choose our Joint Account?

You can open a Joint Account for any of our transaction or savings accounts, such as Everyday Access for your day to day banking or our Bonus Saver.

You can help make a positive impact

By moving your banking to Bank Australia, you are ensuring your money isn’t supporting the fossil fuel industry or industries that harm people and the planet.

Access your money anytime, anywhere

Manage your money 24/7 with our app and Internet Banking, plus over 10,000 free ATMs with Bank Australia and all major banks via Visa debit card.

Why choose
our Joint Account?

How to apply

Apply for a joint account today.

Everything you need to know about joint accounts

Who can apply?

Any two individuals can open a joint account together, so long as you both meet the standard eligibility criteria for that account type (e.g. Everyday Access, Bonus Saver).

What accounts can it be applied to?

Any of our transactions and savings accounts. For example, our Everyday Access, Bonus Saver and term deposits.

How do we manage a joint account?

The default is that either one of you can access, deposit and withdraw from the joint account. That is, you do not need to both approve each transaction. This is called ‘sole operation’.

If you’d prefer, contact us and we can make your joint account ‘joint operation’ which means you would both need to authorise any changes.

More information can be found in section 2.4 of our Account & Access Facility conditions of use guide.

What if the unexpected happens?

If the relationship ends between joint account holders, please contact us at 132 888 or via internet banking. The steps to close a joint account depends on the account type, your circumstances, and whether your joint account is ‘sole operation’ or ‘joint operation’. 

If you are experiencing family violence, financial abuse or someone is controlling your money through your Joint Account then please do contact us. We’re here to help you navigate this situation.

Rates and fees

All rates and fees for your Joint Account will be the same as per the transaction or savings account that you nominate to become your Joint Account.

All rates and fees

Did you know your choice of bank has a huge impact on the world? 

Find out what we do to support people and the planet.

B Corp

We’re proud members of the B Corp movement, committed to embedding purpose in all aspects of our business. We use banking as a force for good.

Find out more

Clean Money

The money in your account is used by banks to make loans and investments - to industries that do good or those that do harm. So where you bank ultimately shapes the world we live in.

Find out more

Important information

A joint account is an account held by two or more persons. If the option is available on the account, it’s important for you to understand your responsibilities as a joint holder. They include:

  • if one joint holder dies,the surviving joint holder(s) automatically takes ownership of the account, including any credit balance
  • each joint holder is individually liable for any amount owing and has the right to any credit balance in the account, jointly and severally with the other joint holder.

More information can be found in section 2.4 of our Account & Access Facility conditions of use guide.

Bank Australia is committed to delivering memorable and superior service to all customers. We welcome your feedback, compliments and/or complaints about our performance.

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