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Reground is building a community hub; a space where individuals can come to see first-hand how waste can be used as a resource. This hub will facilitate workshops to teach skills that can change the community’s waste disposal habits, enable people to compost their own food scraps and grow their own food from community compost.

Grant value: $10,000

Grant category: People – Environmental conservation

Project location: Melbourne, Victoria

Local branch: Fitzroy

How to get involved and show support:

  • Reground will provide an update when the community hub opens so you can participate in composting activities, deliver your own food scraps and attend a free workshop.  

About this community customer:  

Reground is a sustainable waste education service, redirecting coffee waste from landfill to gardens city-wide, reducing the carbon impact of coffee consumption. Reground exists to help cafes, create a community around organic waste and innovate on our current waste disposal structure, making it more resourceful for our pocket, people and planet.

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