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This grant will help plant a corridor of birdwing butterfly vines to join two isolated population groups and expand the current breeding habitat of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

The Richmond Birdwing is one of Australia’s largest butterflies, with a wingspan on up to 16cms, and is currently listed as vulnerable due to clearing of its rainforest habitat. The project will plant over 1000 of the special vines that are the only place the butterfly can breed, in a corridor between Neurum and Samford, Queensland.

Grant value: $7,500

Impact area: Planet – Environmental Conservation

Project location: Queensland

Local branch: Brisbane CBD

How to get involved and show support:

About this community customer: The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland is supporting the Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network (RBCN). This is a small organisation focusing on the recovery of the Threatened Richmond birdwing butterfly. This incredible butterfly is susceptible to extinction due to loss of connected habitat and importantly their host vine, the Birdwing Butterfly vine.

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