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We lend to community renewable energy projects and participate in programs to help low income house-holds put solar on their roofs.

What is your money supporting?

By banking with us, your money helps create positive impact.

Community renewable energy
We lend to small-scale solar installations owned by community groups or households.

Other renewable energy investment
We also invest in bonds from governments and other banks as part of our liquidity portfolio. We prioritise green/sustainable bonds when they are available, which sees us invest in large-scale renewable energy projects like wind and solar farms, as well as other green projects like light rail and low carbon buildings.

In addition, we have supported community energy groups like Bendigo Sustainability Group and Pingala with customer grants through our Bank Australia Impact Fund.

A snapshot of what we lend to:

Why this is important

Burning fossil fuels increases the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere which traps more heat and is a major cause of climate change. To address the impacts of this, a transition to renewable energy is required. This form of energy is popular with Australians and becoming increasingly affordable. Experts estimate that our electricity grid could be 100% renewable by the 2030s.

We want to help make this happen by helping households and communities adopt renewable energy sources such as solar.  At Bank Australia, we’re switching our own electricity consumption to be 100% renewable by 2020.