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How do you minimise the risk of your password being stolen?

  • create a unique password for every shopping account, bank account, credit card account, and email account you have. This makes it tougher for a thief to steal your personal information
  • memorise then destroy any notification you are sent containing a PIN or access code (including passwords and usernames)
  • regularly update your passwords
  • avoid using the same password for multiple web sites
  • notify Bank Australia immediately if your codes have become known to someone else
  • make sure no-one sees you enter your PIN or password or over hears you give a passcode over the phone
  • never select a password that’s easily identified with you, such as your name, date of birth or telephone number
  • never disclose your PIN to anyone else, even if asked by family, friends, police or Bank Australia staff
  • do not provide details via open email or via a link in an email. Contact the merchant or company (including Bank Australia) directly if you are unsure
  • do not record details of your PIN or access codes on a handheld device or computer
  • do not use ‘auto-complete’ for passwords. Using ‘auto-complete’ is a security risk because other people can access your Internet banking from the computer you used if you leave it unattended. To disable ‘auto-complete’, please refer to your browser’s help function

How do you avoid certain types of passwords?

Never use these passwords:

  • your date of birth (in any format)
  • your name (or part of)
  • common passwords, such as ‘passwor’d, ‘Password’ or ‘[email protected]
  • your spouse’s or children’s dates of birth
  • your children’s names
  • your pets’ names.