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Decide which features you want enabled on your card and simply switch them on or off from your App or Internet Banking.

What does each Card Control do?

Temporary card lock

This allows you to disable all transactions attempted on your card for a temporary period of time. You may to choose to use this card control when you have misplaced your card. If you are comfortable that your card is not lost or stolen, the lock on the card can be removed.

Existing recurring payments, such as direct debits, will not be affected by activating a temporary lock on your card.

Note: Digital wallets will remain enabled unless manually disabled in Card Controls.


payWave lets you ‘tap’ your card to make a payment without a pin or a signature.

By using this Card Control, you’ll disable payWave transactions, blocking the ability to make a transaction by simply ‘tapping’ the card. If you have turned this control on, you will be required to insert or swipe your card and provide some form of verification, such as a pin, to make a payment.

Digital wallet

Disabling digital wallet on your card will block all transactions where you attempt to use Apple Pay, Google Pay and/or Samsung Pay. This includes any in-app purchases.

Online transactions

Disabling online transactions on your card means you cannot use your card details to make some purchases. This will affect online transactions, as well as phone, mail and any other transaction where your card is not physically present.

Note: this is also known as card-not-present transactions. It will not disable digital wallet transactions.

In-store transactions

Disabling in-store transactions on your card will block payments attempted where the card is physically presented at a merchant terminal (eftpos machine).  

This card control will apply when you swipe or insert your card, or use payWave when making a payment.

Note: This will not affect:

  • digital wallet transactions
  • online transactions
  • payWave transactions made with a rediCARD.
ATM withdrawals

Disabling ATM withdrawals on your card will block cash withdrawals and cash transfers at any ATM.

Note: this will not affect staff-assisted cash withdrawals made on your access card at a bank branch.

Where do I find card controls?

In the App
1. Go to the app menu 2. Select card management 3. Tap on your card 4. Tap on card controls 5. Use the toggles to enable and disable features
in Internet Banking

1. Go to the top menu

2. Click on "services"

3. Click on "card management"

4. Click on "card controls"

5. Use the toggles to enable and disable features

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