Interest rate announcement - 12 August 2022. Bank Australia will increase variable home loan and commercial variable rates in response the RBA’s recent decision to raise the official cash rate. From 18 August 2022, interest rates will increase by 0.50% for variable rate owner-occupier and investor loans, while commercial variable rate loans will also increase by 0.50%. For existing home loan customers, repayment changes will be effective from 1 October 2022. Read more here.

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2022-06-21 5:06 pm
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Clean Energy Home Loan

A clean loan for your green home

Buildings account for 23% of Australia’s total emissions and about half of that is from homes. Making homes clean and green is essential to addressing the climate crisis.

The Clean Energy Home Loan is probably for you if you're looking to do things like add solar panels, window glazing and insulation to your home, or even buy or build a planet-friendly, energy efficient home.

The Clean Energy Home Loan is about rewarding people who do the right thing for our planet. Eligible customers can receive a discount of up to 0.30% p.a. off the Clean Energy reference rate for five years for variable rates, or the length of their fixed rate period.

Choose your loan

There are three different ways you can access our Clean Energy Home Loan, depending on what you're doing with your future green home.

The first two are our Eco and Eco Upgrade options, which offer a 0.20% p.a. discount, and the third option is Eco Plus which gives approved customers a 0.30% p.a. discount depending on your type of home and eligibility. Discounts are off our Clean Energy Home Loan reference rate.

Explore our 3 options below to see our rates and what's involved when demonstrating your home's clean energy credentials.

Calculate your borrowing power

Understand what you may be able to borrow with a Clean Energy Home Loan.

Customer story

How Annabelle and Alex used their Clean Energy Home Loan to go net zero

"It’s a cool feeling to be powered by the sun. This isn't some fancy, multi million dollar home, either. It's just a normal lovely house. Anyone can do this, and Bank Australia basically pays you for it!”

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Above: Annabelle and Alex, Bank Australia Clean Energy Home Loan customers

Banking done differently

We’re 100% customer-owned, which means you have voting rights. We don’t pay our execs bonuses, which means more funds are used to support people and the planet. And we’ll never use your money (or anyone’s, for that matter) to fund harmful industries like fossil fuels, live animal exports or nuclear weapons.

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"Easy to use app - has everything I need to do my banking. Love PayID, account alerts, estatements, card controls and the spending analysis"

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In support of people
and planet

Customer owned, you have voting rights

Purpose-driven banking

Renewable electricity
powers all offices

Australia-based workers

Certified carbon neutral bank

Yes, we did start out as the CSIRO Co-operative Credit Society in 1957

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