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When you become a customer, you become an owner

We’re the bank for people who believe in a fair and inclusive society.

We put customers at the centre of the bank, balance purpose and profit, and make decisions that have a positive impact on people, communities and the planet.

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Our profits benefit

We call them


We deliver
massive bonuses
for the planet.

Like 2,117 hectares of conservation reserve.


The bank
that balances
profit and purpose
is the bank
Australia needs.


What it means to be customer owned

Our customers have a voice and a vote on how the bank is run. And the issues we take action on.

We are committed to customer ownership and to operating in accordance with the international principles for cooperative financial institutions.

Every customer has 1 equal share.

You get voting rights at our Annual General Meetings.

As we’re not listed on the stock exchange, we only answer to you.

Profits are returned to you in the form of competitive rates, fair fees and quality products and services.

We take action on the issues that matter to you, like climate. Our net zero by 2035 target is the most ambitious of any Australian bank.

Every customer is a part-owner of our bank, including the conservation reserve.

You get a say in where we invest your money and which issues we support through our impact fund.

Our annual results are good news for shareholders.
The difference is we call them customers.

We’re a customer-owned bank committed to investing in industries that are doing good in the world.

How we choose to invest

Some things we do invest in

What we don't invest in

Fossil fuels
Live animal export
Arms industry
Read more about what Bank Australia invests in
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Meet the customers

"Bank Australia is a bank where I don’t have to feel like my needs as a customer are balanced with the needs of the shareholders. I’m one and the same."

Mark, Bank Australia customer

Certified B Corp bank

Our B Corporation certification is an external validation of how we’ve  acted responsibly over nearly two decades – it works as a blueprint for how we plan to serve people and the planet in the decades to come.

About B Corp

Business done differently

Customer-centric services

This very moment is your opportunity to make a difference

Move your money from banks that aren't taking climate change seriously, and join the clean money movement today.

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