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Community Access

Variable interest rate

On balances over $5,000
Terms and conditions apply

The no-monthly-fee transaction account for organisations who do good for the world.

Who it's for

  • Organisations in the community sector

What you get

"It was so simple to set up my business accounts with Bank Australia. Great customer service and product knowledge"
Erin, Bank Australia business customer

Instant access

Your funds are available ‘at call’, which means you can withdraw money from your account as soon as it has been deposited.

Visa Debit card

Our Visa Debit card is accepted worldwide and comes with 24/7 fraud monitoring.

Batch and payroll processing

Tackle payments and transfers faster with the easy ability to pay others using internet and phone banking.

Best-in-class security

Know your money is safe with 24/7 fraud monitoring, card controls, security alerts and more.

Instant, easy payments

Move money and pay people instantly with Osko. And use PayID to pay and be paid the simple way. 

7,000 free ATMs

Withdraw cash fee-free at Bank Australia ATMs and those of all the major banks – all around Australia. 

Low-cost international transfers

Move money across borders quickly, easily and securely. It’s all done through the app and internet banking.

Internet Banking

For batch processing and the convenience of anytime, anywhere access to your account.

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Above: Dan, Earthworker, Bank Australia business customer

Customer story

Dan, Bank Australia business customer

“We have a wide range of members from across the country who support this growing network of cooperatives … It’s why we’re a Bank Australia customer. These kinds of democratic enterprises – like credit unions and customer-owned banks – are essential for us to build a more just and sustainable economy.”

Read Earthworker's story

Current interest rates

Effective 25 September 2023
Interest (p.a.)

Fees, charges and discounts

Here’s what to expect with our Community Access account. No hidden fees or charges. 
What it's for
Monthly fee
Dishonour fee
Exceeding available funds fee
“Press credit” cash withdrawal fee
International transaction fee
3% of transaction value
Visa foreign cash withdrawal fee
$3.50 plus the International transaction fee

It pays to know. Please read the Product Disclosure Document and see all fees and charges before deciding if this account is right for you. 

See all rates and fees

Responsible banking policy

We believe that the clean money movement is *the* way forward for a sustainable and values-led banking sector. The movement is underpinned by the Bank Australia responsible banking policy – which was formed, and continues to evolve, through research and development with Bank Australia customers. 

Money, People & Planet

See more at the Bank Australia blog
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General advice and product disclosures

General advice

Information provided is of a general nature only. In providing you with this information you should consider the appropriateness of this advice with regards to your particular financial situation and needs. You should consult the Product Disclosure Documents below before making a decision to apply for products with Bank Australia.

Terms, conditions, fees and charges may be applicable as outlined below.

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