To us, impact means doing better by the world

We share a belief with our customers that money can be used to create a world where people and the planet thrive.

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We've worked hard to create positive impact on your behalf.

This report shows the actions we’ve taken in the 2023 financial year to support our customers and deliver on our purpose.
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"Welcome to the 2023 Impact Report. On behalf of the Bank Australia Board and our whole team, thank you for being part of our clean money movement."

Judith Downes, Chair & Damien Walsh, Managing Director

We believe we are the only bank in the world with a conservation reserve, which spans 2,117 hectares in western Victoria.

This year detailed ecological monitoring helped us learn about the impact of our restoration efforts and we observed many improvements to ecological values.
Conservation reserve investments

Read our 2023 impact report

We share a belief with our customers that money can be used to create a world where people and the planet thrive. That’s why this report matters. It demonstrates how we have worked to achieve the best possible outcomes for our customers and remained true to our purpose during the 2023 financial year.

Read our 2023 Impact Report
Our customers

Clean money is our promise to our customers.

We avoid using money in ways that cause harm, and aim to use it in ways that have a positive impact on people and the planet.
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Investing in our people is essential for success as a purpose-driven bank.

We continued to invest in training and development for our people, including Indigenous cultural awareness training and Reviving Resilience training.
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We saw our Clean Energy Home Loan portfolio grow by 33% to a total of $197 million. We now have a total of 452 Clean Energy Home Loans.

We know reaching net zero emissions by 2035 won’t be easy, and that we need to work fast to reduce emissions across our portfolio. Scaling up our sustainable products and rewarding customers for choosing low emissions products will be a key part of us achieving our climate action goals.

Clean Energy Home loan portfolio

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