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Bank transfers and times

Find out about bank transfers and how long it takes to transfer money between banks.

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How long does it take to transfer money?

To Bank Australia accounts in Australia

Transfers are processed immediately and are available straight away.

To other banks in Australia

Nowadays, many transfers between Australian banks happen using Osko – you'll see the symbol when you do your transfer. Osko payments typically transfer in less than a few minutes. 

Other payments (not Osko) are generally available on the next business day. Noting that if you make the payment after business hours, it could take an extra day (depending on the other bank’s processing times, too).

BPAY® transfers can take up to 72 business hours to arrive, make note of this when paying bills, credit cards and loan payouts.

International bank transfers

The timeframes vary depending on the banks at the other end of the transfer. Read about our international transfer service.

Daily transaction limits


  • Internal transfer between your own personal accounts - Unlimited
  • Internal transfers – $50,000 (between any Bank Australia accounts you are a signatory on)
  • External transfers – $5,000
  • International transfers – $2,000

Personal customers can alter limits by logging into Internet Banking.

EFTPOS, bills and ATMs

  • BPAY – $10,000 ($2,000 via phone banking)
  • ATM/EFTPOS cash withdrawal – $1,000
  • payWave (under $100) – $1,000
  • In-store purchases (insert card, select CR, and enter PIN) – up to the balance of the account

Transactions made by speaking with us on the phone or at a branch have higher limits.


Want to change your daily transaction limit?

Contact us to make a one-off or permanent change to your transaction limits.

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Need help?

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