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We’re accountable to you, our customers. After all, every person becomes a part owner of Bank Australia when they become a customer. That’s why we put customer well-being at the centre of our decision making.

We do more than just tick all the compliance boxes  

Yes, we’re registered with ASIC and regulated by APRA. Yes, we hold all the requisite licences for running a bank. And, yes, just like all other banks in Australia, we’re covered by the Australian Government’s guarantee on deposits. 

But we’re about much more than all that. When it comes to good governance – which means the systems, processes and policies that shape our day-to-day operations, we’re serious about being both a good bank and a force for good. 

Staying accountable

Banking Codes of Practice

We comply with the Australian Banking Association’s Banking Code of Practice, as well as the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice. 

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Financial Claims Scheme

The Australian Government has a scheme in place to protect people who have money deposited with a bank, credit union or building society. We’re a part of this scheme, which protects customers’ deposits up to $250,000. 

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Whistleblower Program

If you think Bank Australia has acted inappropriately or unlawfully, then we encourage you to speak up and we provide safe avenues for you to do so.

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Transparency matters. Sure no-one likes fine print. We get it. But we do provide full disclosures on all of your dealings with Bank Australia and we ask all customers to read our product disclosure documents. Please get in touch if anything isn’t crystal clear, we’re always happy to explain things to you.

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More about Bank Australia

What is clean money?

Clean money is our promise to use your money in ways that have a positive impact on people and the planet. 


See the clean money difference.

How we work?

We want to be Australia’s most trusted bank and a leading purpose-driven business.

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