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2021-11-30 2:45 pm
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Bank Australia board and executive team

Bank Australia board and executive team

Bank Australia directors

As owners of Bank Australia, our customers elect directors to the board. So, our directors are directly accountable to all customers.

From time to time, the board may appoint independent directors who bring specialist knowledge, skills and experience to help the board to meet its responsibilities.

Judith Downes - Chair

Melissa Bastian

David Wakeley

Steve Ferguson

Helen Gluer

Anne-Marie Corboy

Damien Walsh - Managing Director

Our executive team

Our executives are responsible for implementing the board’s strategy and achieving Bank Australia's purpose and aspiration. 

Damien Walsh – Managing Director

John Yardley – Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Rowan Dowland – Chief Development Officer

Louise O'Brien – Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Ashkettle – Chief Risk Officer

Sonya Clancy – Chief People Officer

Brad Jordon – Chief Operating Officer

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