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2023-12-22 2:05 pm

Bank Australia customers

Bank Australia customers

Right now, Australia could do with a little inspiration. And who better to inspire others than our customers – who in their own unique ways, big and small, are making the world a better place.


After realising we live in a community, not an economy, Tristan decided to move away from the world of economics and into health economics. He now works at Impact.Co, creating a positive future for people and communities. 

How to talk to your friends about using money for good

Jordy and Julia

Having started his career in the natural wine business, Jordy simply “couldn’t unsee” the staggering amount of plastic wrap the industry was churning through on a daily basis. Now Jordy and his partner Julia are taking the country by storm.

How a compostable wrap company is taking over Australia


Allara walks with integrity through all aspects of her life. She believes there's a continuation of balance between the land and the people and everything that it encompasses is reciprocal. If we for care country, country will care for us. 

Allara walks with integrity

Customer-owned bank

Our customers have a voice and a vote on how the bank is run. And the issues we take action on.

Your share

Every customer has 1 equal share.

Voting rights

You get voting rights at our Annual General Meetings.

We answer to you

As we’re not listed on the stock exchange, we only answer to you.


Profits are returned to you in the form of competitive rates, fair fees and quality products and services.

Protecting nature

We help steward a conservation reserve on behalf of our customers.


You get a say in where we invest your money and which issues we support through our impact fund.


Growing up in India opened Tina’s eyes to poverty and injustice. But it was her move to Australia that really changed her perspective. After realising that wealthy countries still struggle with social injustice, she decided to make a change.

How small changes to your spending can make a big difference

Earthworker Co-Op

Earthworker was set up as an effort to get environmentalists and unionists working together, understanding each other, and trying to find common solutions to the supposed jobs versus environment contradictions.

The power of community action: meet the Earthworker Co-Op


“We didn’t just wake up and decide to set up this social enterprise,” founder Priyanka Ashraf explains. “We were spurred into action after the murder of George Floyd. We wanted to do something to address the issues of systemic racism we see in this country.”

Meet the creative agency tacking systemic racism

Your choice of bank could change the world

If you believe that where you put your money matters, take a look at what we have to offer.


Home loans


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