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24 May 2022 - Update on contact centre wait times: Recently our customers have been experiencing unusually (and unacceptably) long waiting times when calling our contact centre. We apologise for this inconvenience and are taking important steps to improve. Read more here.

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2022-04-28 10:05 am
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Joint accounts support

Learn about the Bank Australia joint accounts and how to open and manage a personal bank account with someone else. If you want a business account, head to business to learn more.

What’s on this page

The joint accounts we offer

Everyday accounts for managing money together in the one account, and tracking your spending and bills. 

Savings accounts so you can set and save for your goals together, then make new goals and do it all again.

Term deposits allow you to combine forces for a guaranteed return on your investment. We offer flexible terms of your choice.

Home loans for buyers, investors, builders and refinancers. Combine your borrowing power.

Rates and fees

There’s no difference between individual or joint account fees. If they apply, you don’t pay double. See our rates and fees.

How to apply for a joint account

New to Bank Australia?

If one or both of you are not yet customers with us, you first need to have an account with us. You can open an Everyday Access account or Bonus Saver, for example, online in just five minutes.

Existing Bank Australia customer?

You can call us or come into a branch together.

Once we verify both of your details, we should be able to open your everyday or savings account immediately. Other accounts like loans take longer to set up given the additional checks required.

What ID do we need?

All you need is your driver’s license or passport, and your Medicare card.

Why can’t we do it online?

We’re working on making the online set-up experience a smooth one. It’s not ready yet.

Managing a joint account

Approving transactions

With our joint accounts, the default ‘setting’ is that both of you don’t need to approve each transaction. You can access, deposit and withdraw from the joint account whenever you like. 

If you’d prefer, we can change it around so that you both must authorise transactions. 

Call us or visit a branch to change how your account is set up. 

Joint responsibilities

Each joint account holder is individually liable for any amount owing on joint accounts, and you have the right to any credit balance in the account. Whether that’s both of you together or individually.

For more information, see section 2.4 of our Account & Access Facility conditions of use guide.

When life changes

Relationships end

We can help. The steps we need to take to close the account depend on the account type, your circumstances, and whether your joint account is ‘sole operation’ or ‘joint operation’.

Call us, visit a branch, or send a secure mail in internet banking to change things over.

Deceased estate

If one joint account holder dies, the surviving joint holder(s) automatically take ownership of the account, including any credit balance. Learn more about deceased estates or contact us to find out how to change the names on the account.

Need help?

Send us a secure message in the app or internet banking

Or call us