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We know 2050 is too late, will you stand with us?

Our commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2035 is the most ambitious of any Australian bank.
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Sun setting over the Bank Australia conservation reserve at Salvana

Why does our 2035 target matter?

If we don't act urgently, future generations - our kids - will face a grim future. By striving for much better than a 2050 target, we could help them avoid the worst of:

  • Catastrophic heatwaves
  • Further sea-level rise, ocean warming and loss of coral reefs
  • Extinction of native animals
  • Bushfires, floods, droughts and storms
  • Food crop failure
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Let's build the future we all deserve

As individuals it can feel helpless and like we can't we can't make a difference. But we can. There's still still time to change our climate future - if we act now.

It starts with our everyday decisions as consumers. The organisations that we support financially are shaping our world. The money in your bank account is powerful.

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Our climate action ambitions

  • We will achieve net zero operations and portfolio by 2035
  • We will have a validated 2030 science-based emissions reduction target
  • We will explore directly investing in projects that draw down emissions
  • We offer support and products to assist our customers to better understand and reduce their emissions
  • We will be financing $1.5 billion of clean energy transition and conservation by 2025
  • We are a leading voice on corporate conservation innovation to draw down carbon from the atmosphere, while protecting and preparing our conservation reserve for a warmer climate
  • We are actively supporting the economy in the Latrobe valley as it transitions from fossil fuels
  • We are seeking guidance and leadership from First Nations voices on climate action
  • We will assess, disclose and manage the risk posed to our business by a changing climate

This very moment is your opportunity to make a difference

Move your money from banks that aren't taking climate change seriously, and join the clean money movement today.

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