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The ultimate B Corp holiday gift guide

January 18, 2022
November 29, 2021
Would you look at that: Christmas is suddenly just around the corner. Rather than competing with the crowds at shopping centres, or buying things that might be kid of rubbish for the planet, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite B Corps, offering products and services that are actually making the world a better place. ‘Tis the season to shop mindfully, you know?

For your creative chum

Paper that’s tree-free? And waterproof? And made from 100% sustainably recycled stone? Karst Stone Paper sell beautifully designed, waterproof notebooks and a range of wood-free pencils, perfect for that creative friend who might be prone to spilling their coffee over their notebook (every. single. day.) or just really cares about the environment.

Even with a waterproof notebook, your reading/writing friend will need a stylish bag to carry around their books in. Enter Bellroy, a Fitzroy/Bells Beach-founded bag company. Bellroy’s bags, wallets and accessories are made using environmentally sustainable materials like recycled and plant-derived fabrics, as well as premium quality leather with the least environmental impact. And they look great to boot.

Dumbo Feather is pretty much the ultimate in storytelling; each issue is filled with feature-length articles about people doing extraordinary things. The common thread connecting them all together? Everyone in the pages of Dumbo Feather is striving to do good in the world. Subscriptions and magazine bundles are available through Dumbo Feather.

For the latte lover

When it comes to great coffee, it all starts with the beans. And Sydney-based Sample Coffee prides themselves on some of the best beans in the biz. With beans ethically sourced from farms around the globe, Sample Coffee operate on a subscription-based model – delivering weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – so your latte-loving pal need never run out of coffee again.

With beans ethically sourced from around the globe, Melbourne-based female-founded 23degrees were one of the first roasters in Australia to receive B Corp certification. Along with a commitment to building a more sustainable and equitable supply chain within the coffee industry, 23degrees are also committed to sourcing at least 50 per cent of their beans from female coffee growers. We’ll drink to that!

Not into coffee? Not a problem. T2 – the now-global tea chain, founded in Melbourne – achieved B Corp status in 2020 (like us) and is the answer to all your present-buying dreams for your tea-drinking pal. Not only do they create a range of delicious and festive teas, like an Eggnog Loose Leaf tea and a yum Mulled Wine tea, their entire range is now sustainable sourced and their teabags are made using plant-based materials.

Your java-loving friend will likely need the perfect cup from which to sip the perfect brew. Created out of a need to cut down on the use of single-use takeaway coffee cups, KeepCup offer a colourful and effective solution to ethical caffeine ingestion with their range of reusable cups. You can customise your KeepCup from an extremely broad selection of coloured lids, plugs and thermal bands, plus a bunch of cafes offer discounts to people who BYO cup. It’s a win/win.

For the effortlessly chic friend

Sydney-based Citizen Wolf is onto something here. Custom tees, designed to fit your exact specs – just enter your measurements on their website along with the style of tee you’re after and voila: the perfect tee. These beautiful, soft, comfy and stylish T-shirts are made locally using organic cotton, hemp and merino wool, and the offcuts are all upcycled, so there’s almost zero waste. They also offset five kilos of carbon for every one kilo of carbon they create, making them a carbon negative (and awesome) business.

You know what makes a great gift/stocking stuffer? Nail polish. Even better when it’s 100 per cent vegan and cruelty free (and has the certification to prove it!). The legends at Sienna Byron Bay make polishes using a plant-based formula from their warehouse that’s – wait for it – powered completely by renewables. Their nail polishes come in a range of hot/cute/fun colours, are gender inclusive, and is Wudu-friendly, meaning it’s suitable for people of Muslim faith to wear too.

If your fancy friend needs something to elevate their hair/skin/overall wellbeing, treat them to the gift of Aesop. Aesop’s been around since the mid-80s, making gorgeous skincare, shampoos and fragrances that a) are made using all vegan ingredients, b) aren’t tested on animals, and c) smell amazing and will leave you looking and feeling divine.

For the conscious quaffer

We all know a cold one on a hot day is good for what ales you (sorry). But breweries and wineries aren’t exactly known for their environmental friendliness, using large amounts of water and even larger amounts of waste in order to get the perfect drop. That is, until Unico Zelo, Stone & Wood and 4 Pines walked into the bar.

Unico Zelo – new to the B Corp club – aims to be industry leader in best practice of viticulture and winemaking by using less water in their vineyards and minimal intervention practices throughout the winemaking process. They’ve also got a sustainability tracker on their website, for complete transparency around what they’re doing and why. They make a dang good wine, too.

And both Stone & Wood and 4 Pines have reduced their water and energy consumption, use recycled materials in their packaging, and make a mighty fine beer. Cheers to that.

For the outdoorsy-type

The travel industry has taken a pretty massive hit over the past couple of years, but with borders opening up and restrictions easing, it’s time to get back out on the road. Intrepid Travel, the first tour operator in the world with verified science-based climate action targets, has released a range of local Australian small group adventures, like trekking in Tassie’s Cradle Mountain, a cruise around the Whitsundays, and a rainforest retreat in the Daintree. Treat your travel-loving pal to an epic adventure in their own backyard.

All that adventuring is thirsty work, whether it’s hiking up a mountain or just taking the dog for a walk. So encourage your mate to stay hydrated with a reusable drink bottle from memobottle. These bottles are flat, so they fit just about anywhere, and each bottle sold provides one person with five months’ access to clean water, through  

Adventurers need supplies too and Kathmandu and Patagonia are both working hard to ensure all of those supplies are as ethically made as possible, giving the cold shoulder to fast fashion and instead creating outdoor gear that’s durable, functional and sustainable.

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