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Individual customers

Individual customers

Lending to individual customers is the foundation of our business and a top priority for our customers.

As a responsible bank we put our customers first and we offer products and services that support their daily lives.  Our commitment to responsible lending means that we lend amounts to our customers that they can afford to repay, to help to ensure they don’t experience financial hardship. And, if our customers experience a challenge or a change in their circumstances, we’re committed to helping them through it.

What is your money supporting?

By banking with us, your money helps create positive impact.


We lend money to our customers to buy homes and, we design our products to encourage our customers to make sustainable living choices through features like:

  • Eco-pause on home loans: owner-occupiers can pause their home loan repayments for three months (or halve repayments for six months) to make eco-upgrades to their homes like solar panels or rain water tanks.
  • Construction loan offset: we balance the loss of land from construction loans by protecting an equivalent amount of land on our Conservation Reserve.

First home buyers

We help first home buyers get their foot in the door by participating in government-supported programs such as:

  • HomesVic: We are an approved lender for the Victorian Government shared equity scheme, which takes a proportional interest in the property of up to 25% to help people buy their first home.
  • ACT Land Rent Scheme: We participate in the ACT Government scheme where participants can reduce the upfront cost of home ownership by renting land.

Cars and everyday living

We help customers purchase a car when they need it and offset the emissions from the car for the lifetime of the loan.  In addition, we provide personal loans and credit cards but will always ensure the amounts we lend and the credit limits we offer are affordable. We never market credit limit increases.

Why this is important

Our purpose is to create mutual prosperity, and an important part of this is helping people access money to help them to build a positive and sustainable life. As a bank this is a core part of our role in society.

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