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Not for profit organisations

Not for profit organisations

What is your money supporting?

By banking with us, your money helps create positive impact.

We lend to a range of not-for-profit community customers who provide vital services, advocacy and support in areas like family violence, disability support, refugee assistance, the arts, social services and environmental conservation.

We also assist community customers with long-term partnerships and grants for projects that support positive outcomes for people and the planet through our Bank Australia Impact Fund, where we allocate 4% of our after tax profits.

A snapshot of what we lend to:

Zoe Support

Zoe Support provides holistic, place-based support for young mums in Mildura to reengage them in education. We’ve provide a loan to purchase a permanent space for Zoe Support’s operations.

Interchange Gippsland

When Bank Australia provided a loan for a disability support provider to buy a new multi-purpose space in Gippsland, the organisation was able to scale up support to people living with a disability in its community.

Why this is important

At Bank Australia, we share a common purpose with our community customers - together we’re committed to creating an inclusive Australia with a healthy environment to sustain us now and into the future.

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