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Creating prosperity for our customers and investing responsibly

We work to create prosperity for our customers and we invest their money responsibly for mutual prosperity.

We've done this by:

  • staying true to our customer owned model, which is based on internationally agreed cooperative principles including that customers benefit in proportion to the banking they do with the bank
  • returning profits to customers who own the bank in the form of better rates and fair fees. Each year we engage Canstar Cannex, an independent financial services research group, to quantify this benefit by comparing our pricing to the average of the four major banks. In 2014, our customers were collectively $22.7 million better off banking with us
  • investing customers' money responsibly and for purposes that are not irresponsible, unethical or detrimental to the community or the environment. We are guided by our Responsible Lending and Investment Policy
  • promoting the financial inclusion of people who may be unable to access mainstream banking services
  • getting involved in programs that are trialling different ways of lending and financing to help people achieve their financial goals.

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