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Corporate disclosures

Our corporate disclosures detail all of our fine print and regulatory compliance.

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Bank Australia board and executive team

As owners of Bank Australia, our customers elect directors to the board. So, our directors are directly accountable to all customers.

Learn about our board and executive team

Corporate reports

here you will find our Corporate Reports for previous years.

View our corporate reports

Capital disclosure

In 2015, Bank Australia adopted its new trading name so the earlier reports use our previous name (bankmecu).

Annual disclosures

Annual capital disclosure Jun 2022

Quarterly disclosures

Capital disclosure Sep 2022          Capital disclosure Dec 2022

Capital disclosure Mar 2022          Capital disclosure Jun 2022

Capital disclosure Sep 2021          Capital disclosure Dec 2021

Capital disclosure Mar 2021          Capital disclosure Jun 2021

Capital disclosure Dec 2020          Capital disclosure Sep 2020

Capital disclosure Mar 2020          Capital disclosure Jun 2020

Capital disclosure Sep 2019          Capital disclosure Dec 2019

Capital disclosure Mar 2019          Capital disclosure Jun 2019

Capital disclosure Sep 2018          Capital disclosure Dec 2018

Capital disclosure Mar 2018          Capital disclosure Jun 2018

Capital disclosure Sep 2017          Capital disclosure Dec 2017

Capital disclosure Mar 2017          Capital disclosure Jun 2017

Capital disclosure Sep 2016          Capital disclosure Dec 2016

Capital disclosure Mar 2016          Capital disclosure Jun 2016

Capital disclosure Sep 2015          Capital disclosure Dec 2015

Capital disclosure Mar 2015          Capital disclosure Jun 2015

Remuneration disclosure

Remuneration Jun 2022

Remuneration Jun 2021

Remuneration Jun 2020

Remuneration Jun 2019

Remuneration Jun 2018

Remuneration Jun 2017

Remuneration Jun 2016

Remuneration Jun 2015

Remuneration Jun 2014

RMBS securitisation disclosure

Cashflow Waterfall

Pool Data

Workplace profile

In accordance with the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act), Bank Australia lodged its annual public report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Agency). View the workplace profile.


We’re accountable to you, our customers. After all, every person becomes a part owner of Bank Australia when they become a customer. That’s why we put customer well-being at the centre of our decision making.

Learn more about our governance and banking compliance.

Modern Slavery Statement

Our 2023 Modern Slavery Statement has been prepared to meet our reporting requirements under the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). This Statement demonstrates our zero-tolerance approach towards modern slavery as well as representing our values, our brand and our ethos as an economically, environmentally and socially responsible bank.

View our 2023 Modern Slavery Statement

You can also view our previous statements here:

2022 Modern Slavery Statement

2021 Modern Slavery Statement

2020 Modern Slavery Statement

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