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Scam alert - fake investment offer: A fake document, developed by scammers, claiming to offer investment in a ‘Bank Australia emerging market fund’ is being circulated. This offer is a scam. This is not a legitimate offer from Bank Australia. Find out more

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2022-01-19 3:13 pm

Important update to our branch network & contact centre: Due to the spread of COVID-19 in the community many of our staff have been impacted. This is causing disruption to our branch network and long wait times when calling 132 888. Find out more.

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2022-01-10 11:44 am
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What’s on this page

Public APIs

Our Product APIs have been developed in accordance with the Consumer Data Standards, these APIs provide access to non-customer info like product details.

These are public APIs and do not require authentication.


Retrieve a list of Bank Australia products that are currently offered to the market,
API URL: https://public.cdr-api.bankaust.com.au/cds-au/v1/banking/products

Product Details

Retrieve a list of detailed information for a specific product offered to the market,
API URL: https://public.cdr-api.bankaust.com.au/cds-au/v1/banking/products/{product ID}

Consumer APIs

To access consumer APIs, you'll need to be accredited by the ACCC and get the customer's consent.


Access a customer's basic contact details. The customer may choose to share their personal or organisation details.

Get Customer

Obtain basic information on the customer
API URL: https://resource.cdr-api.bankaust.com.au/cds-au/v1/common/customer


Obtain the list of accounts authorised to be shared by the customer.
Account API is a consumer API. To access data you'll need the customer's consent.

Get Accounts

Obtain a list of accounts
API URL: https://resource.cdr-api.bankaust.com.au/cds-au/v1/banking/accounts


Obtain the list of transactions for a Bank Australia account and details for each transaction.
Transaction API is a consumer API. To access data you'll need the customer's consent.

Get Transactions

Obtain transactions for a specific account
API URL: https://resource.cdr-api.bankaust.com.au/cds-au/v1/banking/accounts/{accountId}/transactions

Get Transaction Detail

Obtain detailed information on a transaction for a specific account
API URL: https://resource.cdr-api.bankaust.com.au/cds-au/v1/banking/accounts/{accountId}/transactions/{transactionId}


Obtain the balance for a single specified account.
Balances API is a consumer API. To access data you'll need the customer's consent.

Get Balances

Obtain the balance of a specified account
API URL: https://resource.cdr-api.bankaust.com.au/cds-au/v1/banking/accounts/{accountId}/balance

Get Bulk Balances

Obtain balances for multiple, filtered accounts
API URL: https://resource.cdr-api.bankaust.com.au/cds-au/v1/banking/accounts/balances

Get Balances for Specific Accounts

Obtain balances for a specified list of accounts
API URL: https://resource.cdr-api.bankaust.com.au/cds-au/v1/banking/accounts/balances

Additional Information

If you are experiencing any technical issues with the APIs, please email OpenBanking@bankaust.com.au with the details.