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What are the Terms and Conditions for SMS Alerts?

Customer care statement

The relevant provisions of the Customer Owned Banking Code and the ePayments Code apply to Bank Australia.

SMS alerts

SMS alerts is an automated information service which gives you access to selected transaction and balance information about your Bank Australia savings accounts using a Short Message Service (SMS) sent to your mobile phone. You can choose to receive alerts when certain transactions occur, when your balance reaches a specified amount, on a regular basis, or on demand.

Fees for SMS alerts

We charge 25 cents for each SMS alert we send. We debit the fee to your nominated everyday account at the end of each day. Your telecommunications provider may also charge you fees for sending or receiving SMS.

The fees and charges for your Bank Australia savings and loan products and services still apply. Please refer to our ‘Fees and charges’ brochure and the relevant terms and conditions for your accounts.

We may change the fees and charges for SMS alerts from time to time. Please refer to ‘Changes to SMS alerts’ below.

Registering for SMS alerts

To register for SMS alerts, please read the SMS alerts information at, then log in to internet banking and register. If you do not use internet banking, please contact us on 132 888and we’ll help you register.

Please read all these terms and conditions before registering. You can also get a copy at or by calling us 132 888.

Selecting and changing SMS alert settings

You can log in to internet banking to select and change the SMS alerts you receive at any time. We can also send alerts to your home or business email address and you can select this option in internet banking.

We can send you an alert for each of these events:

  • funds are credited to your account electronically from an external party (direct credit)
  • funds are debited from your accounts electronically by an external party (direct debit)
  • your account balance goes above a pre-set limit
  • your account balance falls below a pre-set limit
  • a regular account balance (set for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, half yearly or yearly). Our web site will keep you up to date with the types of alerts we can send and how you can add, delete or modify your selected alerts.

SMS on demand requests

You can ask us for information about your accounts via SMS at any time. These are called ‘SMS on demand requests’ and you get them by texting a special code from your mobile phone to us on 0428 862 909 and we get back to you with the information. For example, you can ask for the balance of your account by texting a ‘b’ or you can request recent transactions on your account by sending a ‘t’.

Our web site will keep you up to date with the types of on demand requests you can make and how to make these requests.

Reliance on SMS alerts

SMS alerts are available seven days a week, but may not be available when we’re processing end-of-day transactions (generally between 6 pm and 10 pm) or conducting maintenance on the service or its systems.

Bank Australia will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the availability, accuracy and currency of SMS alerts, but we are not liable if the SMS alerts service is not available, is inaccurate, or is experiencing delays or errors, and we do not accept liability for any loss that you suffer as a result of a problem with SMS alerts.

You should not rely solely on SMS alerts to manage your accounts and you should check your statements of account for any discrepancies.

Cancelling your registration for SMS alerts

You can cancel your registration for SMS alerts at any time by logging in to Internet banking or calling us on 132 888.

We can cancel your registration for SMS alerts or the provision of SMS alerts generally at any time and for any reason.

Changes to SMS alerts

We may change these terms and conditions from time to time, including the fees payable, alerts and information available, and accounts that can be accessed.

Information about SMS alerts and the services currently available can be found at

We will give you notice of any changes to the terms and conditions in writing, electronically, or by advertisement in the media. If we increase or introduce a fee we will give you at least 30 days notice. We will give you notice of other changes no later than the day they take effect.

Privacy and security

For general information about our privacy policy, please refer to our ‘Product disclosure statement for savings accounts, non cash payment services and term deposit accounts’.

Warning: SMS messages may not be secure. If you have concerns about your transaction and balance information being sent by SMS message, you should not register for SMS alerts.

We recommend you protect your information by keeping your mobile phone secure at all times and deleting your SMS messages after you have read them.

If you change phone numbers or if your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you should cancel your registration for SMS alerts and re-register with your new mobile phone number.

Dispute resolution

If you have a complaint about our services, please contact us first on 132 888 or at Private Bag 12, Kew VIC 3101 to allow us to investigate and address your complaint.

For a summary of our dispute resolution procedures and for contact details of a free and independent external dispute resolution service, please refer to our ‘Product disclosure statement for savings accounts, non cash payment services and term deposit accounts’ or our ‘Financial services guide’, both available at or by calling 132 888. Our ‘Dispute resolution’ brochure is also available on request.