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How to identify a real card transaction

Can’t figure out something in your transaction history? These tips will help you think back and find clarity before disputing the amount.

A person pays for a coffee using a card

Common transaction queries

You or a family member may have provided your card details in all sorts of situations. 

  • Requesting a free trial or sample
  • Purchasing a subscription or membership
  • Asking questions or advice from an online professional
  • Purchasing software or virus protection for your computer
  • Creating an online account

Free trial or sample

  • Vitamins or supplements
  • Skin care or beauty products
  • Book or movie subscription
  • Household appliances
  • Cleaning products

Tip: Cancel before time’s up

Most free trials only last for 5 or 10 days. If you don't want to buy what you've tried, you need to cancel the service or return the product before the trial is up. If you don't cancel, you may be agreeing to buy more products or to continue the subscription.

Subscription or membership

  • Dating site/app (e.g. Tinder, Zoosk, Match.com, Bumble, Hinge)
  • Health club or gym membership
  • Magazine or news subscription (e.g. The Saturday Paper, Herald Sun, The Age)

Online professional

  • Medical professional
  • Advice forums
  • Financial adviser
  • Expert online community

Tip: Subscriber beware

You may have agreed to pay for an ongoing subscription. If you don't want to continue with the service, you need to cancel it or your subscription will continue.

Software or virus protection

  • Computer software
  • Virus protection
  • Repairs

If you have given someone remote access to your computer, please contact us.

Online accounts and streaming services

  • Games (e.g. Xbox, PlayStation, Big Fish Games)
  • Shopping (e.g. AfterPay, Wish, PayPal, eBay, ASOS)
  • Smart phones (e.g. Apple, Samsung, GooglePlay, iTunes)
  • Betting and Lotto (e.g. theLott, TAB, SportsBet)
  • Music, TV & movies (e.g. Netflix, Spotify, Stan)

More considerations

  • Donations to charity and fundraisers
  • Booking accommodation (e.g. AirBnB, Stayz, independents like real estates)
  • Hiring a vehicle 
  • Market purchases (e.g Who is ‘Celery Jam’?)

How to dispute a transaction

Please share the details with us as soon as you can so we can get moving – date, amount, business name.

Send us a secure message in the app or internet banking 

Or call us

A person holding a phone with Bank Australia digital banking on the screen