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From strength to strength: how Seed is strengthening First Nations leadership on climate action

February 23, 2024
December 13, 2023

From advocating for climate justice to training climate leaders of the future, we couldn’t be prouder to partner with Seed, a First Nations-led youth climate network.

Seed is Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network, led by and for young First Nations people. Seed has raised the profile of climate justice and the need to protect First Nations culture, water and Country from extraction projects by the fossil fuel industry.

Through leading campaigns and empowering young First Nations leaders with training and development, Seed has gone from strength to strength this year and continued to grow their impact as an organisation.

In addition to leading powerful climate justice campaigns, Seed runs regional training camps for young First Nations people who are passionate about climate action, to strengthen their leadership, facilitation and communication skills, and foster strong connections.

Throughout 2023 Seed ran regional training camps in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. Seed’s Impact Director Georgia Griffiths shared that seeing the camp participants build up confidence during the camps is one of the best parts of being a leader at Seed.

Seed employees sit down together in a circle, talking amongst each other
Photo Credits attributed to Corinna Theodossio and were taken at the Seed WA/NT Regional Training camp in Boorloo (Perth) that was held 27-29 Oct 2023

“It was incredible to see just how fast these young volunteers progressed in this space,” said Georgia, following a camp on Yugambeh country in the Gold Coast, which brought together 20 young volunteers in June this year.

The volunteers who attended were all new to Seed, and half of them were under the age of 18. They had travelled from across Queensland and New South Wales to join this in-person event, for two days of learning and relationship building. Sessions included education about climate change and climate justice, and how to effectively build and communicate narratives.

“From being so shy they didn’t want to introduce themselves to the group, to these same young people then gaining the confidence to present their powerful personal narrative in front of the whole room, it’s truly inspiring to see such personal growth,” Georgia said.

Bank Australia and Seed have been partners since early 2022, and this partnership is funded through the Bank Australia impact fund, where we invest up to 4% of our net profit after tax each year to support values-aligned programs and organisations. Our multi-year partnership with Seed is all about supporting Seed to grow as an organisation and amplifying their work as climate leaders.

Bank Australia’s Manager, First Nations Reconciliation, Rafe Pfitzner Milika, is excited to see Seed’s growing impact in climate leadership and the impact this has on driving climate solutions.

A person with a red shirt saying "Ban fracking protect country" while addressing students standing in front of her
Photo Credits attributed to Corinna Theodossio and were taken at the Seed WA/NT Regional Training camp in Boorloo (Perth) that was held 27-29 Oct 2023

 “Australia’s First Peoples have cared for Country for over 60,000 years and First Nations guidance and leadership is critical to a safe and equitable climate future for all.”

“Climate justice is one of our priorities and a pillar of our climate action strategy, so partnering with Seed has given us opportunities to learn from First Nations leaders about the pathways to achieving First Nations justice and climate justice,” said Rafe.

Seed will continue delivering training and development for young First Nations leaders in 2024 and leading advocacy campaigns. To learn more and support Seed, watch this short documentary film Water is Life about fracking in the Northern Territory, and you can also support Seed by signing the Heal Country Declaration.

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