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Hang up on ‘yes’ scams

March 22, 2024
May 9, 2017

If you receive a call and somebody asks, “can you hear me”, do not say anything and hang up the phone immediately.

Scammers are trying a new tactic to get a recording of your voice. They call you and ask if you can hear them. You say ‘yes’, and then the scam caller either hangs up or asks you to press a button to be placed on the ‘do not call’ registry. This may seems harmless, but it’s not.

With a recording of you saying ‘yes’, a scammer can authorise unwanted charges on bills, credit cards and more, and with the press of a button confirms that the number they call is legitimate. The recording of your voice can then be used to authorise payments or charges in your name with voice recognition.

Because it is then your voice authorising transactions, it makes it difficult to dispute later on if you claim you have been scammed.

You should always be sceptical about any caller who asks you ‘yes or no’ questions, especially if there is no context provided by the caller.

Police are urging anyone who has fallen victim to the scam to contact the national identity and cyber support service IDcare.

If you think you may have responded to a call like this, please also contact us on 132 888.

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