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Fixed term deposits offer you a guaranteed rate of return on your money for the life of an investment. Choose the term or interest rate that best suits you.

effective 8 July 2020

More rates and fees
Fixed term deposits
Interest paid at maturity
Term (Month)$500 - $1,000,000
3 0.65%
4 0.65%
5 0.65%
6 0.70%
7 0.70%
9 0.70%
12 0.85%
13-18 0.90%
19-24 0.90%
36 0.90%
Interest rate expressed as annual percentage rates.
Interest paid monthly
Term (Month)$500 - $1,000,000
6 0.60%
12 0.75%
13-18 0.80%
19-24 0.80%
36 0.80%
Interest rate expressed as annual percentage rates.

Why choose the term deposit?

  • Flexible investement terms
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Choice of monthly interest or interest at maturity

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