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Reporting our impact

Reporting our impact

The impact we make

Our annual Corporate Report tells the story of how Bank Australia has performed in our efforts to serve people and the planet. It includes measures of our financial and non financial performance and provides details on the material issues of importance to the bank’s customers and other key stakeholders.

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Bank reporting and need to knows

Annual General Meetings

We hold these each year in November, and all of our customers are invited. After all, you’re each a part owner.

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Corporate reports

Need to do some background reading? Here’s a great place to start – all of our annual reports dating back to 2012. 

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Credit rating

Bank Australia is rated by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s. If you’re a wholesale client, you can see how we stack up. 

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Sustainability Bonds

We make investments  that reduce inequalities, build more sustainable cities, and look after our planet. 

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Privacy and credit reporting policy

Our policy as it relates to the information we collect about you and what you can do if you need help.

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Voluntary tax transparency report

Bank Australia implements its Tax Strategy and Governance approach through its Tax Policy. This policy is approved by the board and is in line with the Company's Risk Management Framework.

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More about Bank Australia

What is clean money?

Clean money is our promise to use your money in ways that have a positive impact on people and the planet. 


See the clean money difference.

How we work?

We want to be Australia’s most trusted bank and a leading purpose-driven business.

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