24 May 2022 - Update on contact centre wait times: Recently our customers have been experiencing unusually (and unacceptably) long waiting times when calling our contact centre. We apologise for this inconvenience and are taking important steps to improve. Read more here.

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2022-04-28 10:05 am
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How we work is what sets us apart


Purpose-driven, always

Our aspiration is to be Australia’s most trusted bank and a leading purpose-driven business.

To inspire and empower our customers to use their money to create a world where people and the planet thrive.

We are committed to customer ownership and to operating in accordance with the international principles for cooperative financial institutions.‍

Customer-owned bank

Our customers have a voice and a vote on how the bank is run. And the issues we take action on.

Your share

Every customer has 1 equal share.

Voting rights

You get voting rights at our Annual General Meetings.

We answer to you

As we’re not listed on the stock exchange, we only answer to you.


Profits are returned to you in the form of competitive rates, fair fees and quality products and services.


Every customer is a part-owner of our bank, including the Conservation Reserve.


You get a say in where we invest your money and which issues we support through our Impact Fund.

Certified B Corp bank

Our B Corporation certification is an external validation of how we’ve  acted responsibly over nearly two decades – it works as a blueprint for how we plan to serve people and the planet in the decades to come.

About B Corp

Business done differently

Values-driven business

  • We don’t pay executive bonuses 
  • The majority of our board is women
  • 100% of our workforce is based in Australia

Customer-centric services

  • Digital banking services including app and mobile payments
  • Ethical products
  • Fee-free products for low-income earners

Greener operations

We know our bank has direct and indirect impacts on the environment, and we’re working hard to tackle these.

Above: Nick and Tim, Ocean Impact Organisation, Bank Australia customers

Memberships, accreditations and partnerships

Our memberships, accreditations and partnerships help us to fulfil our purpose. We’re part of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values for example – a global movement of banks using money to create positive change in the world.

Who we work with