24 May 2022 - Update on contact centre wait times: Recently our customers have been experiencing unusually (and unacceptably) long waiting times when calling our contact centre. We apologise for this inconvenience and are taking important steps to improve. Read more here.

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2022-04-28 10:05 am
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Creating positive social impact for people

Creating positive social impact for people

We work to create positive social impact for our customers, our staff and the communities in which we operate.

We do this by:

  • investing your money in areas that improve the lives of our customers and others such as community housing
  • investing in a range of initiatives that address social issues of importance to our customers through the Bank Australia Impact Fund
  • being the first customer owned banking institution in Australia to sign a Reconciliation Action Plan which aims to help  close the gap between the First Peoples and other Australians
  • creating employment in regional communities rather than offshoring jobs


We’re committed to helping create a more inclusive society for people living with a disability.

We’re improving inclusion and accessibility for people through:

  •  the way we invest in specialist disability housing
  • how we design our products, services and buildings
  • by increasing employment opportunities for people with a disability
  • and by creating a positive community impact through customer grants and lending to specialist disability housing.

Customer access

We’re working with inclusive-design partner, Design for Dignity, to ensure all customers are able to access our premises, products and services in a safe, equitable, and dignified way. 

Disability housing

We’re providing housing for Australians who live with a disability and we’re a founding member of the Specialist Disability Accommodation Alliance.

Inclusive fitness

We’re supporting the social inclusion of people with high and complex support needs through programs such as the Local Inclusive Fitness for Everyone (LIFE) project in Moe, regional Victoria.

Read about our accessibility services 

Our website accessibility

Our website satisfies the requirements for a AA – Intermediate rating for accessibility under the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. If you need an accessibility tool to view our website, please download the eSSENTIAL Accessibility browser.

Financial Inclusion

We’re encouraging a more financially inclusive and resilient society by offering fee-free and other affordable products to low income earners, helping customers facing financial hardship and working with people to increase their financial confidence, like our budgeting workshops with The Big Issue vendors.

The Big Issue

As the national vendor uniform partner of The Big Issue, we support vendors by supplying the vests, hats, bags and lanyards that help them stand out on the street around the country and have begun running budgeting workshops to help build their financial wellbeing.

Responsible lending

Our approach to responsible lending means we’re committed to never seeing our customers find themselves in a position where debt puts them under financial pressure. That’s why we will  only ever lend money to people who have the ability to repay debt. Customers also have access to our hardship support service

Keeping employment in Australia

Bank Australia is 100% Australia-based as well as 100% customer owned, and we are committed to keeping jobs here in Australia.

We operate throughout Australia, with our headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. Our national lending, contact and contract centres are based in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, and Bendigo. We also operate 14  branches across Victoria, News South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and the ACT.

We’re proud of our long history of employing people in regional areas and today over half of our employees are based in regional Australia.

We are an inclusive employer and our traineeship program provides meaningful employment pathways to people from Indigenous and refugee backgrounds.

More about Bank Australia

B Corp

Learn about B Corp certification and the ways we hold ourselves to the highest ESG standards. 


Meet our Community Customer Grant recipients.


Read about the impact made by the collective power of clean money.

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