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Wildlife and habitat

Wildlife and habitat

The Bank Australia Conservation Reserve boasts a range of habitats and vegetation communities which offer a home to hundreds of native species. Our partners Greening Australia have conducted habitat and wildlife monitoring on the site to establish a baseline that will inform activity to realise our vision for the reserve.

Habitat and Vegetation Zones

The reserve boasts a number of different vegetation zones, most of which are rare. For example the reserve has five wetlands areas, important for a number of threatened species in the region such as the Growing Grass Frog and Inland Ringtail - a rare dragonfly. It also has a number of woodland areas including old established buloke woodlands which are an important habitat for the endangered South-Eastern Red Tailed Black Cockatoo. See an overview of the vegetation zones within our Minimay property.

Some of the threatened plant species on the reserve include:

  • Tufted grass-tree
  • Slender cup flower
  • Buloke tree


There are 270 native animal species living on the Conservation Reserve, 13 of which are threatened. Some of the threatened animal species include:

  • South Eastern Red Tailed Black Cockatoo
  • Diamond Firetail (pictured above) - a small bird within the finch family
  • Fiery Jewel Butterfly
  • Growling Grass Frog

We have also seen other well-loved native species such as the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Wedge Tailed Eagle, Southern Boobook, Emu, Echidna and Purple Crowned Lorikeet to name a few.

We hope that our customers are proud to share ownership in a project that is offering hundreds of native animals a place to call home.

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