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Bank Australia is the bank for people who believe in a fair and just world. We work with our customers to use your money as a force for good. We’re here to benefit you, your communities and our planet.

We’re the first customer owned bank in Australia, meaning we answer to our customers - you - and not external shareholders.

We say our money is clean because it’s never loaned to industries that do harm, like fossil fuels or live animal exports, and all of our loans are subject to our Responsible Banking Policy. Instead, we seek to lend to those having a positive impact, such as individual customers, community renewable energy, and community and disability housing.

Read our 2020 Impact Report.

Why Bank Australia?

B Corp

We’re proud to be a certified B Corp. We’re committed to embedding purpose in all aspects of our business to continue using banking as a force for good.

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Clean Money

The money in your account is used by banks to make loans and investments - to industries that do good or those that do harm. So where you bank ultimately shapes the world we live in.

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Impact Finance

We lend to and invest in projects, organisations and businesses that make a positive impact on people and the planet.

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Conservation Reserve

As a customer, you’re a part owner of our world-first Conservation Reserve. We’re helping wildlife adapt to climate change, providing habitat for native species and working on biodiversity.

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Impact Fund

We commit 4% of our after tax profits to our Impact Fund. These funds support projects for issues our customers care about, as well our annual Community Customer Grants.

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From our Conservation Reserve to running on 100% renewable electricity, being carbon neutral since 2011, and working to combat climate change we support the environment at every step.

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What we don't invest in 

At Bank Australia we say our money is clean because it is never loaned to those industries that do harm.

We don't lend to these industries: 

 > Fossil Fuels
 > Live animal export
 > Gambling
 > Arms industry
 > Tobacco

What we do invest in 

We also use money to help create positive impact for people, their communities and the planet.

We do this by lending money to:

> Individual customers 
 > Housing for people with disability
 > Better housing developments
 > Renewable energy projects
 > Not-for-profit organisations


We are a part of RE100, a global business initiative on 100% renewable power led by The Climate Group. We are committed to achieving 100% renewable energy.

B Corp

We’re proud to be a certified B Corp. We’re committed to embedding purpose in all aspects of our business to continue using banking as a force for good.

Carbon neutral

We’re certified carbon neutral by Climate Active and we run on 100% renewable electricity. We measure, reduce and offset our greenhouse gas emissions every year.


We're a proud member of the global alliance for banking on values. This is a network of values-based banks from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector. 

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