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We lend to community housing providers to help build affordable and social housing for people who need it, and to specialist disability accommodation providers that build homes suited to people with complex care needs.

What is your money supporting?

By banking with us, your money helps create positive impact.

Community housing
We lend community and social housing provides long term, affordable housing to people at risk of homelessness, or experiencing disadvantage.

Specialist disability accommodation (SDA)
We also lend to SDA which is accommodation that involves specialist designs, locations or features that make it easier to for people with complex needs to live independently.

We were the first bank in Australia to lend to organisations building specialist disability accommodation (SDA). The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has introduced SDA funding for people who have high support needs, so we also lend to individuals who want to purchase their own SDA, ensuring it’s an amount they can afford to repay.

A snapshot of what we lend to:

Why this is important

We believe it’s important to support vulnerable people or people experiencing disadvantage to live in housing that’s affordable and suits their needs.

We’ve listened to individual and community customers who’ve told us supporting essential housing is an important element of responsible banking. We’ll continue to support this sector to increase the number of Australians who can access stable and affordable housing no matter their situation.