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Scam alert: Please be aware of an email being sent to people claiming a ‘payment donation’ has been sent and ‘Bank Australia’ will pay them as soon as they provide their personal information. This is a phishing email and we are investigating. Do not send any of your personal or financial information. If you receive this email or any other email containing an unusual request, please contact us immediately on 132 888. View details


We lend to not-for-profit community organisations to fund the important work they do.

What is your money supporting?

By banking with us, your money helps create positive impact.

We lend to a range of not-for-profit community customers who provide vital services, advocacy and support in areas like family violence, disability support, refugee assistance, the arts, social services and environmental conservation.

We also assist community customers with long-term partnerships and grants for projects that support positive outcomes for people and the planet through our Bank Australia Impact Fund, where we allocate 4% of our after tax profits.

A snapshot of what we lend to:

Why this is important

Providing loans can allow these organisations to have financial stability in sometimes uncertain funding environments, or to purchase a permanent premise that reduces costs and offer an enduring legacy for their organisation.

At Bank Australia, we share a common purpose with our community customers - together we’re committed to creating an inclusive Australia with a healthy environment to sustain us now and into the future.