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2019 Community Renewable Energy Grant recipients

Read about our 2019 Community Renewable Energy Grant recipients.

A women wears a t-shirt that says "The bank that supports community renewable energy projects is the bank Australia needs

Congratulations to our 2019 recipients.

In 2019, we were delighted to be supporting 5 fantastic projects from across Australia, with funding of $100,000 from the Bank Australia Impact Fund.

Bendigo Sustainability Group

“Seeding the CEDA Group” will support the set of a not-for-profit groups assisting the transition to a clean energy future. This includes reducing greenhouse emissions, mitigating the effects of climate change and helping communities to adapt by developing, establishing and operating community scale renewable energy investment projects.

Bendigo Sustainability Group logo

Grant Value: $25,000

Grant Category: Community Renewable Energy

Project location: Bendigo

Local branch: Bendigo

How to get involved and show support: Become a member or sign up to the Bendigo Sustainability Group eNewsletter https://www.bsg.org.au/join/

About this community customer: The Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG) is an organisation that brings people together who have a shared interest in sustainable living in Bendigo and central Victoria. The Community Power Hub (CPH) Bendigo initiative is working to develop programs and projects that further community owned renewable energy – keeping money and jobs local.

Check them out:

Website: https://www.bsg.org.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BendigoSustainabilityGroup/

Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance

The Social SunPower project will install solar PV systems across the Forest Creek Co-Operative Housing in Castlemaine, Victoria. The project will develop a model to ensure that the benefits are shared amongst the 21 houses within the social housing co-op regardless of where the solar system is installed.

Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance logo

Grant Value: $25,000

Grant Category: Community Renewable Energy

Project location: Central and Northern Victoria

Local branch: Bendigo

How to get involved and show support: If you live in Central or Northern Victoria, you could participate in CVGA’s MASH program – a community solar initiative. Find out more here http://www.cvga.org.au/mash.html

About this community customer: The Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) is a not-for-profit organisation supported by 13 councils in Central and Northern Victoria. The CVGA coordinate the More Australian Solar Homes (MASH) program – a community solar initiative. Since 2014, MASH has installed over 1500 solar systems and raised $70,000 in free solar for community groups.

Check them out:

Website: www.cvga.org.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Victorian-Greenhouse-Alliance/212374902463081

Community Power Agency Co-operative Limited

A Solar Garden is offsite solar for “locked out” households who can’t put solar panels on their own roof. This project will work with an inner city council to determine the best solar garden model to implement for local residents and commence planning for building the solar garden.

Community Power Agency Co-operative Limited logo

Grant Value: $25,000

Grant Category: Community Renewable Energy

Project location: NSW

Local branch: Sydney

About this community customer: Community Power Agency is driving a faster and fairer transition to clean energy. They specialise in supporting communities navigate the process of establishing their own community owned renewable energy projects. They believe that democratically controlled, decentralised renewable energy projects will bring social, environmental, and economic benefits to communities across Australia.

Check them out:

Website: http://cpagency.org.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CommunityPowerAgency/


Pingala, in partnership with The Valley Centre, is installing solar and batteries in the house of an Aboriginal Elder in the remote community of Brewarrina, NSW. They will document this story through video to highlight the energy justice issues faced by remote communities, and raise awareness of the importance of this initiative to encourage community renewable energy projects

Pingala logo

Grant Value: $25,000

Grant Category: Community Renewable Energy

Project location: Brewarrina, NSW

Local branch: Sydney CBD

How to get involved and show support: Donate to a fundraising campaign to fund the installation of the solar panels

About this community customer: Pingala has a vision of a fairer energy system, where communities are empowered to own and operate their own renewable energy, sharing the benefits of this opportunity. They want to generate unstoppable momentum for 100% renewable energy, so that they can build a green future and reduce the community’s footprint.

Check them out:

Website: https://pingala.org.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PingalaSydney/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pingala_sydney

Gippsland Climate Change Network

Gippsland Climate Change Network will work to develop a behind the meter solar system. The energy would be sold to the host at an agreed rate lower than the current energy price. Savings from the system would be invested into a Gippsland Fund that will continue to provide finance for new projects.

Gippsland Climate Change Network logo

Grant Value: $10,000

Grant Category: Community Renewable Energy

Project location: Gippsland, Victoria

Local branch: Traralgon

About this community customer: PingalThe Gippsland Climate Change Network (GCCN) is a not for profit body providing advice and information for all in relation to methodologies to adapt to and reduce the impacts of climate change. It is also the host organisation for the Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub (LVCPH).

Check them out:

Website: gccn.org.au/

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