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2022 Community Customer Grant recipients

Read about our 2022 Community Customer Grant recipients

Two people stand outside of a store, looking at each other. The woman holds a jar, while the man holds a tray of pasties

Balaangala community group Inc.

A large group of people sit and stand together outside

This project provides a culturally safe space for First Nations people to have their voices heard, share their knowledge and experiences, and provide opportunities for non-First Nations people to deepen their understanding of colonisation. Through guest speakers at key events, a facilitated yarning circle and First Nations speakers talking with staff and students in schools, they are able to help foster real conversations and reconciliation.

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Bower Reuse and Repair Centre

Two people load wooden drawers onto a truck

The House to Home project was conceived in 2016, connecting the lack of furnishing in crisis accommodation with the surplus of quality second-hand goods entering the waste system. Since then, the project has expanded, working with referral agencies supporting refugees, asylum seekers, victims of domestic violence and those in crisis.

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Bridge for Asylum Seekers Inc.

A woman holds her child, both are smiling

The project provides financial assistance to otherwise-destitute people seeking asylum. Assistance comprises rental support and living allowances for essentials - food, clothing, pharmaceuticals, school supplies, transport and phone to enable contact with government, lawyers and caseworkers, access to language classes and the ability to seek employment, if eligible.

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Climate for Change

A group of people stand together and make heart shapes with their hands. Some hold signs saying "Let's create a climate for change"

An intensive and impactful 10 week program for 3 cohorts of 40 Climate Leaders across Australia over 12 months. The program builds leadership through skills development in community engagement, effective climate communication and active citizenship, and builds networks and relationships between leaders.

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Cirque du Soil

Two people stand outside of a store. One holds a tray of pasties, the other a jar

A circular waste management certified social enterprise addressing the missing middle in waste diversion. As well as publishing a Circular Hospitality Best Practice Guide to enable businesses to participate in circular solutions and reduce their environmental impact.

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Cultivating Community

Three people knead dough in a kitchen

High Rise Community Bakery is a social enterprise facilitated by Cultivating Community.  Each week, community members come together in Richmond and Fitzroy in the name of fire, bread and community! Together we bake affordable, nutritious and delicious bread whilst building connection and community.

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Environment Victoria (EV)

A crowd of people protest

Environment Victoria is working with local residents to organise Latrobe Valley Futures, a community event to celebrate the potential of a future beyond coal and show the extent of community buy-in for the energy transition. The event will be held in the Latrobe Valley in Spring 2022.

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Ethni founders stand together smiling

Thriving Futures aims to support young qualified women from refugee and migrant backgrounds to overcome underemployment and reach their full potential. The program will provide them the tools, support and resources to start meaningful careers, and give them the platform to become future leaders at all levels of business, community and government sectors.

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For Change Co.

A group of people gather together behind the counter of a commercial kitchen

For Change Co.'s home.plate program provides paid education, training and employment for young people at-risk of homelessness. Trainees within the program move through three modules of training across For Change Co.’s social enterprises. Graduates of the program then transition into further employment or education within their chosen fields with the support of For Change Co.’s industry partners.

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Free to Feed

A woman cooks in a commercial kitchen

Born out of consultations with people seeking asylum and refugees facing new employment challenges coming out of COVID, Free to Feed’s Hospitality Taster program is a culturally appropriate, trauma-informed, ‘hospitality ready’ training program.

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Green My Plate

Three bowls that say "Please return me, I'm not rubbish" are placed on a white table

Green My Plate will expand their product offering to be a one stop shop for reusable event safe crockery. Having already successfully created a closed loop system, which keeps plates and bowls being reused at multiple events across Melbourne, they add reusable cups to the line-up.

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Kensington Neighbourhood House Inc.

A teacher assists a student in his learning. They both sit at a desk, while the student holds a pen, writing an answer down on a sheet of paper

The Kensington Study Support Program aims to provide high quality study assistance to students of all ages living in our public housing estate. This program is specifically focused on making up lost ground due to school closures in 2020 and 2021.

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Nature Conservation Council NSW

Three people sit on chairs, writing on books

The Community Organising Fellowship is a project with Nature Conservation Council NSW that empowers an annual cohort of25 community leaders and social change makers to achieve their purpose through a transformational 6-month training program.

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Northey Street City Farm

The First-Nations flag is raised up on a flagpole, next to a house. People gather around

This project will see the creation of an online training resource to accompany regenerative agriculture and permaculture courses in Australia. It will give participants an opportunity to explore ways to practically and meaningfully engage with First Nations people, protocols and perspectives, towards a more equitable and respectful, land-based future.

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Ocean Impact Organisation

Ocean Impact Organisation founders stand together at a beach

The Ocean Impact Ideation Program (OIIP) focuses on turning individuals into ‘oceanpreneurs’. Targeted at early career ocean researchers and emerging entrepreneurs with a burning passion to work in areas that tackle the great challenges facing the ocean and broader environment.

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Project Respect

Two woman turn around to show the back of their t-shirts. The shirt says "project respect, women matter". One woman raises her arm in a fist

The program will create a trauma-informed space for women with diverse experiences in the sex industry including those who have experienced gendered and family violence. The program uses the evidence-based practice of art therapy as a form of psychotherapy, while providing an inclusive space to connect in community.

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Reconciliation Victoria

Three people hold up an orange sign during a protest that says "Reconciliation Victoria"

The Aboriginal Gathering Places project is about increasing the community profile and awareness of Aboriginal Gathering Places across Victoria.

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reground founders sit together in a community garden

This project will see Reground increase recycling, and work to reduce waste generation at six social and affordable housing sites. Engaging residents and make infrastructural changes to ensure that all members of community have access to crucial food and commingled recycling services regardless of where they live.

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Scarf Community Organisation

Students gather around and learn how to brew coffee

Increase capacity to ensure program participants continue building skills, confidence and job-readiness after graduating. By leveraging existing partnerships, and providing nuanced support, Scarf will bridge the gap between the thousands of available jobs, and the keen, resilient young people who engage in our programs.

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The Footpath Library Ltd

A man reads a book in the city

Continued support to operate The Footpath Library’s Hub - a venue for people experiencing homelessness to access services such as legal aid, a women’s financial clinic, counselling referrals, Births Deaths and Marriages, books and reading glasses, in a safe environment in the inner west of Sydney.

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The Forktree Project

A dread tree stands amongst a crowd of newly planted trees

The Forktree Project is a rewilding project returning a degraded former pastoral property to nature through habitat restoration. It is extending its work to combat climate change and biodiversity loss through the establishment of a rare seed orchard and native nursery and is contributing to greater awareness through sustainability education.

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Women of Colour Australia

Women of Colour Australia stand together outside

An online pilot program with Women of Colour (WoC) mentors donating their time to share their experiences, expertise, knowledge and wisdom to help mentees progress and advance in their careers.

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