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We are updating our Terms and Conditions for Mortgage Offset Accounts, effective 4 January 2022. Find out more

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2021-11-30 2:45 pm
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Bank Australia app

See where to get the app, transfer money, send us a secure message and more.

What’s on this page

Where to get the app

Download the Bank Australia app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

How to register your account

Before registering for the app, you’ll need to register for internet banking and secure SMS. 


1. Open the app and select ‘Please register’

2. Enter your customer number and your internet banking password

3. Choose what you’d like to name your phone (don’t include special characters)

4. Create your 4-digit PIN 

5. Depending on your phone, you can choose to enable TouchID or FaceID to open the app

6. We then send you an SMS code to make sure it’s really you logging in

7. Enter the code, and tap ‘Register’

8. Read and accept the T&Cs and you’re done

Watch how to do it

Why do we need your mobile number?

We send a code to your mobile number so we can verify that it’s you. Just when you first register for the App. Though codes are also used for other tasks too.

App vs internet banking

With our app you can do the banking you’d expect, like transfer money, pay bills and see your transaction history. There's a lot more you can do if you’d like to learn about app features. 

To access more complex services, log in to internet banking – which is also mobile friendly.

Common questions about the app

Check account balance 

You can check your account balances with a single tap. It’s called ‘quick balance view’. You can set it up in the app. 

Or you can log in and see your balance by selecting ‘Balance’ in the footer menu.

App transfer money to someone else 

The beauty of the app is being able to transfer money wherever you are. You can add new payees and pay them using their account number or PayID.

Send a secure mail message

To send, view and reply to messages securely via the app:

1. Log into the app

2. Select ‘Contact us’ from the main menu

3. Then 'Secure mail'

You can do the same via internet banking.

Need help?

Send us a secure message via the app or internet banking

Or call us