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Clean Energy Home Loan Property Criteria

There are 2 ways ‘in’ to this loan for 7+star properties and property upgrades. See what’s involved when demonstrating your home’s clean energy credentials.

Your property must meet one or more of the below criteria to be eligible to apply for a Clean Energy Home Loan. And just so you know, you will need to provide documentation confirming this. 

The standard eligibility rules also apply before you can take out a home loan.

NatHERS rating of 7 stars or higher

A Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) certificate shows the home’s star rating out of 10. If you’re buying an apartment, we look at the rating of the individual apartment – not the building.

What to provide

  • Existing property: NatHERS certificate completed by a NatHERS-accredited assessor with a rating of at least 7 stars
  • Construction loans: A NatHERS Certificate as above and a declaration from the homeowner and builder about adhering to the building plans

ACT only

Non-accredited NatHERS certificate with a 7+ star rating plus an ACT Energy Efficiency Rating certificate with the same rating

The ACT has its own system for energy rating certificates, and some ACT energy assessors are licensed by the ACT Government, but not as NatHERS assessors.

What to provide

  • A black-and-white non-accredited NatHERS certificate from a licensed energy assessor, showing a rating of at least 7 stars 
  • An ACT Energy Efficiency Rating certificate completed by the same assessor with the same rating

Passive House certification

This is a voluntary standard for buildings with a healthy indoor environment and a very high standard of energy efficiency. The formal certification is done after the build is finished.

What to provide

  • Existing property: Passive House certificate
  • Construction loans: Evidence the home is being built to Passive House standard, with certificate to be provided within 12 months of build completion

Residential Efficiency Scorecard

Residential Efficiency Scorecard rating of 7+ stars (excluding the impact of solar)

A Residential Efficiency Scorecard helps households understand the energy performance of their home. It’s completed by a licensed assessor on new or existing homes and shows the home’s star rating out of 10 – both with solar and excluding the impact of solar.

This Scorecard is widely available in Victoria, with some availability in other states and territories.

What to provide

  • A Residential Efficiency Scorecard certificate that shows a rating of at least 7 stars (excluding the impact of solar)

Green Star Design & As Built Score

A Green Star Design & As Built score of 8 points or more

Green Star Design & As Built is a rating system for apartments, scoring different elements. The assessment is organised by developers rather than individual apartment owners. We reference section ‘15 Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ for property criteria.

What to provide

You can contact us to confirm if your planned purchase is on the list of qualifying buildings.

See home loan features

A clean loan for your green home

Get an interest rate discount for five years by living in a more energy efficient home.

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