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2023-12-22 2:05 pm

2023 community customer grant recipients

Read about our 2023 community customer grant recipients

A group of women gather around in a circle, with one lady holding a microphone. They are all laughing and smiling at each other

All The Queens Men

All The Queens Men is an inspiring community organisation dedicated to promoting gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights through the arts. Through innovative performances, workshops, and events, they advocate for a more inclusive and diverse society. Their empowering initiatives encourage dialogue, celebrate queer culture, and create spaces where individuals can express their true selves freely.

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ASTERIA Services

Asteria Services Inc is a dedicated community organisation committed to providing essential support and resources to individuals with disabilities. Their compassionate team works tirelessly to empower and enhance the lives of those they serve, promoting independence, inclusion, and equal opportunities.

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Barossa Wildlife Rescue

Barossa Wildlife Rescue Incorporated is a compassionate and dedicated organisation focused on the rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation of native wildlife in the Barossa region. Through their tireless efforts, education, and community outreach programs, Barossa Wildlife Rescue Incorporated plays a vital role in promoting environmental stewardship and fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife in the region.

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Bridge for Asylum Seekers Inc.

Bridge For Asylum Seekers provides financial assistance to otherwise-destitute people seeking asylum. Assistance comprises rental support and living allowances for essentials - food, clothing, pharmaceuticals, school supplies, transport and phone to enable contact with government, lawyers and caseworkers, access to language classes and the ability to seek employment, if eligible.

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Cirque Du Soil

A circular waste management certified social enterprise addressing the missing middle in waste diversion. They have also published a Circular Hospitality Best Practice Guide to enable businesses to participate in circular solutions and reduce their environmental impact.

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Girls Rock! Canberra

Girls Rock! Canberra is dedicated to empowering young girls and gender-diverse youth through the transformative power of music. Through their innovative programs and workshops, they provide a safe and inclusive space for participants to explore their creativity, develop musical skills, and build self-confidence.

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Mzuri Dance ArtisTree

Mzuri Dance ArtisTree Fund Inc is a Melbourne not-for-profit organisation and registered charity delivering free dance, education and empowerment programs to young African people, women and families facing social and economic barriers.

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Nature Conservation Council NSW

The Community Organising Fellowship is a project with Nature Conservation Council NSW that empowers an annual cohort of 25 community leaders and social change makers to achieve their purpose through a transformational 6-month training program.

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Project Respect

Art & Wellbeing for Women and Gender Diverse People with Experience in the Sex Industry is a project fostering a trauma-informed space for women who may have experienced gendered and family violence, and/or stigma and discrimination. The program uses the evidence-based practice of art therapy as a form of psychotherapy.

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Rethink Recycling Co-op

Rethink Recycling Co-op (RRC) is a not-for-profit organisation, inspiring change through education and community involvement. They take plastic lids that traditionally end up in landfill and our environment, and turn them into products with a new purpose.

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Sustain: The Australian Food Network

Sustain specialises in designing and building sustainable and healthy food systems. They work with governments, councils, and community leaders to help map local food systems, and develop evidence-based and achievable policies and programs.

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The Corner Store Network

The Corner Store Network is a not-for-profit social enterprise that encompasses a café, coffee roastery, coffee importing and food preservery (as in, purveyors of preserves) based in Oakleigh. The organisation’s mission is all about ‘Preserving the Future’, which it achieves by dishing up food, economic and environmental justice in a variety of ways, including working directly with subsistence communities in Timor-Leste to address economic and food insecurity.

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Women of Colour Australia

An online pilot program with Women of Colour (WoC) who are mentors donating their time to share their experiences, expertise, knowledge and wisdom to help mentees progress and advance in their careers.

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Women's Environmental Leadership Australia is a community connecting organisation, training and funding generations of women and gender diverse changemakers so that together we transform Australia’s response to our environmental and climate crises.

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Woor-Dungin Inc

Woor-Dungin connects First Nations peoples from across Victoria with sources of philanthropic funding and pro-bono service providers to help them achieve their self-determined goals.

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WWILD Sexual Violence Prevention Association

WWILD supports people with intellectual or learning disabilities who have experienced sexual abuse, or have been victims of crime.

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