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Together, we’re funding the solutions. Not the problems.

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Your bank could be funding the fossil fuel industry

Fossil fuels are by far the largest contributor to the climate crisis and extreme weather events, like bushfires, droughts, floods and tropical storms.

By switching to Bank Australia, you can be certain that your money isn't funding the fossil fuel industry.

Make the switch to an ethical bank today.
Fund a future you can be proud of.

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What ethical banking means to us?

To us, ethical banking means making decisions that benefit people and the planet. We live our values through investing and lending in line with our responsible banking policy. We don’t fund harmful industries like fossil fuels, weapons and gambling, and we do support everyday customers, clean energy transition, protecting nature, and social and affordable housing.

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Our future generations

Imagine 2090, a world where future generations are able to focus on their growth and their contribution. Where the air is clean, the landscape is green and everyone is working together to share resources like cars, food and energy.

In this world, extreme weather events wouldn’t be destroying homes and communities.

We still have time to turn this climate story around, but not for long. We need to reduce the level of carbon in the atmosphere, as quickly as possible. 

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Some of the solutions we invest in

Most banks invest in activities and industries that harm our planet and communities.
We don’t. By joining Bank Australia, you’ll be investing in:

Clean energy transition
Financing $954m towards clean energy transition.
Financing $954m towards clean energy transition.
Sustainable housing
We lend to green, affordable and accessible housing projects.
Net Zero by 2035
We will achieve net zero operations and portfolio by 2035.
2,117 hectares conservation reserve
The only bank in Australia with a conservation reserve.
Electric vehicles
We will stop funding loans to new fossil fuel cars from 2025.

The problems we don’t invest in

Fossil fuels
Live animal export
Arms industry

Join the clean money movement

Good for the planet. Good for people. Good for your pocket. Join over 190,000 Australians whose money is making a positive difference:

Multi award winning banking

We're Finder's Green Bank of the year 2023. Plus Mozo's People Choice Highly Trusted and Most Recommended 2023.

How to switch to Bank Australia

There’s a common misconception that switching banks is hard. Actually, it is easier than you might think. We can even transfer all of your direct debits. Here's how to do it:

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  • 1. Open a new account
  • 2. Transfer your money
  • 3. Update your direct debits and credits with this form
  • 4. Let your workplace know your new details and update your salary account
  • 5. Update your services (you don’t want that Netflix subscription bouncing)
  • 6. Close your old accounts
  • 7. Enjoy your status as the newest member of the Clean Money movement

Fossil fuel contributes to bushfires

Climate change is a driving force behind worsening bushfires* in Australia. With fossil fuels contributing to over 75% of greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 90% of all carbon emissions#, you don’t need to be a climate scientist to see that action must be taken.

Climate change in Australia is already leading to longer and hotter heatwaves, less rain over southern Australia during the cooler seasons, and fewer days for bushfire fuel reduction. The climate crisis is directly impacting the frequency, length and severity of bushfires by creating the perfect conditions for them to spread.

The money sitting in your bank could be driving us further towards climate chaos. If you switch to Bank Australia, it won’t be.

* Climate Council, - ‘This is not normal’: Climate change and escalating bushfire risk,

# United Nations - Causes and Effects of Climate Change,  

Over 190,000 Australians are funding solutions and empowering Australian communities by banking with us.

“Finally, a bank who believes in a sustainable future”

Erin, Bank Australia customer

Fund a future you can be proud of.
Join Bank Australia today.
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