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Clean energy home loan inspiration

August 11, 2023
January 14, 2020

Today we’re excited to launch our Clean Energy Home Loan.

At Bank Australia, we love homes that have an energy rating of 7+ stars. Why is that?

A house that has an energy rating of 7+ stars is:

  • Able to keep cool in summer without ‘artificial cooling’ like air conditioning
  • Able to keep warm in winter without ‘artificial heating’ like a heater
  • Uses less electricity
  • Made of higher quality materials
  • Designed to work with its environment

And all of this helps reduce emissions and fight the climate crisis.

So, what does a beautiful, energy efficient house look like? Take a look below.

Want more on the Clean Energy Home Loan?

5 Rooms Retreat – Gracetown, WA

This off-grid home in the Margaret River area provides space for yoga retreats and relaxing getaways. The house was constructed from modular materials by TR Homes, reducing the waste produced in construction.

Image: Ange Wall Photography

The Ten Star Home – Cape Paterson, VIC

Dreamed up by the innovative designer Clare Cousins and built by The Sociable Weaver, this home in the Cape Paterson eco-village pushed the limits of energy efficiency by achieving Victoria’s first 10-star energy rating.

Image: Dan Hocking Photography

Designed by BAAHouse and built by Dave Payten and Paul Silver, this coastal home includes double glazed windows and doors and highly insulated walls and ceilings for maximum energy efficiency, reducing the need for cooling and heating.

Image: Jacqui Kirk Photography

Cairns Avenue – Warradale, SA

This beautiful suburban house, designed and built by Mirage Homes, incorporates reverse brick veneer and polished concrete floors to provide thermal mass that soaks up heat during the day and releases it when the temperature drops. Due to these sustainable features, the house is rated 7.5 stars by the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

Image: Jacqui Way Photography

This home in Melbourne’s northern suburbs was designed by EME Design with special attention to orientation in order to maximise solar gain in the winter and minimise cooling in the summer, achieving an impressive 8-star energy rating.

Image: David Johns Photography

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