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How to make yoghurt plastic free

August 11, 2023
March 23, 2021

For John, his KeepCup wasn’t enough, so he decided to cut single use plastic out of his life completely. One way to do that was by making his own yoghurt. If you're looking for ways to cut single use plastic out of your life, John shared the recipe he uses.

This recipe is a super easy and quick way to cut plastic waste out of your life. It takes around three minutes to make. I usually do it after dinner before I go to bed and it's ready for breakfast the next morning. This recipe makes 7 to 8 cups of yoghurt.

Ingredients and equipment

  • Good quality milk
  • A few spoons of your favourite yoghurt
  • 1 pot with a lid
  • 1 bowl


Step 1

Take 2 litres of fresh milk and place it into a pot. Heat it slowly, stirring occasionally, until it forms bubbles on the edges.

Step 2

Remove the pot from the heat and put it aside to cool down for around 15 minutes minimum. The pot needs to be cool enough so you can safely hold it in two hands without burning yourself.

Step 3

Take 1/2 a cup of the warmed milk and mix it in a bowl with 4 large tablespoons of your favourite yoghurt. Make sure the yoghurt you've chosen has "active culture". Mix the milk and the yoghurt until it's smooth and then put it back into the pot with the remaining milk.

Step 4

Cover the pot with its lid, wrap it in a teatowel and put it in the oven (not turned on) to keep it warm. You can leave it anywhere between 8 to 12 hours.

Step 5

Put it in the fridge to chill and enjoy!

Sahtein! (That's Bon Appetit in arabic). The second time you make this yoghurt, you can use your own yoghurt instead of a store-bought one. This will help you avoid the plastic tub it comes in. To make sure I don't run out of yoghurt starter, I always take 4 large spoons of fresh yoghurt and store them in a small container in the fridge for the next time I want to make it.

John is one of the People Australia Needs. Just like John, if you want to reduce how much single use plastic you use, it all starts with being mindful of your choices. Whether you’re making little changes each day to minimise your waste, or are always on the lookout for ways your money can make a positive impact, every act counts.

Did you give this recipe a go? Let us know and tag us @bankaust on Instagram.

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