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2023-12-22 2:05 pm
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Meet the Bank Australia directors up for re-election

March 7, 2024
November 16, 2021

At this year’s Annual General Meeting, our Board has recommended the re-appointment of Melissa Bastian, Anne-Marie Corboy and David Wakeley. Here’s a little about each director to help you when considering your vote.

Melissa Bastian

Melissa Bastian stands outside smiling

As a Gippslandian, I have had the privilege of being been a Director of Bank Australia for the past nine years and am proud of its long history of supporting customers in regional Victoria and Gippsland, and one that is also a major employer in the regions.

I have a diverse background and experience in a variety of industries including health, banking and law. I am currently the Managing Director and owner of a small and growing business, Just Better Care Gippsland.  After four years of operating I am proud that my team of 70 plus support over 200 people to engage in community and remain living independently and safely in their own homes.  

I am an experienced Company Director and am currently on the Board of Gippsland Primary Health Network. All of the organisations I have been a Director of have been member owned and purpose driven. I  have a deep personal commitment to the principles and values of cooperative businesses and organisations.

I personally have a passion for:

• education, whether that be building the financial capability of our customers or protecting ourselves in a digital world;  

• technology, and the importance of ensuring we have the right systems and processes to enable growth aligned with our vision, purpose and values; and  

• our customers, and meeting their needs while balancing their evolving expectations and the ways they want to engage with their bank.

Anne-Marie Corboy

Anne-Marie Corboy stands outside smiling

I want Bank Australia to be a leading responsible bank that provides competitive banking services to its customers and to be providing the leadership in responsible finance consistent with our member’s priorities.

Responsible banking is about making the right decisions for our customers’ benefit, but it is very much more than that. We can use finance to make a real difference so being proactive about issues and causes which our customers care about and - can make that difference - is a tangible demonstration for me of a responsible bank. The most important criterion is to have a values-based approach to all that you do. I also believe that we must provide up-to-date and, where relevant, leading technology solutions for our customers and always be a forward-looking bank.

As a Bank Australia Director, I think you also need a personal commitment to making a tangible positive impact in the real economy. Our strategy around clean money and making a difference in the lives of our customers and our communities is something that you cannot pay lip service to. As a director, I bring 30 years’ experience across financial services, sports, health and education. In addition to that, I was the CEO of HESTA, a leading industry superannuation fund, for 17 years. I’m customer-centric and I’ve demonstrated a strategic vision to lead teams to success. I have strengths in fostering collaboration, being proactive and taking a logical approach to delivering quality work. I’m a strategic thinker and planner with an emphasis on sustainable success.

David Wakeley

David Wakeley smiling

I believe in the clean money proposition. I joined the Bank Australia Board because I saw the opportunity to give back and be a part of something that I believe was making positive impact in the world. Bank Australia is bold, it has an ambition as big as its name and it has a team that is changing the world all day and every day.  It is not often in your career that you get to work for an organisation that you can call “bold” and it is even less often that you can say you work with an organisation that is bold and resolutely seeking to make a positive change in the world. It is critical to ensure your values align with those of the values-led business you are interested in.  

I have a diverse background having worked as a Chartered Accountant, working in finance, sales and marketing roles across the pharmaceutical industry, in financial services and education. I have CEO level experience in the financial sector, including as the CEO of Virgin Money. This breadth of experience gives me a perspective into many aspects of an organisation and allows me to ask questions that get to the heart of issues and, hopefully, add value in the process.

My priorities for Bank Australia are to remain fiercely customer-focussed and to live up to its ambition of being a force for good via the clean money movement. I believe we can be a leader in a movement that sees many more banks seek to be a force for good (and I think we can already see the green shoots of this change). My goals include making Bank Australia big enough to make a positive difference in the world and small enough to care about each and every customer as well as the communities they are part of and to be prudent in the management of our customers’ money but bold enough to bring them enhancements to the services they receive, like improving our digital functionality.

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