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2023-12-22 2:05 pm
Bank Australia Salvana Conservation Reserve

Our nature and biodiversity strategy: a commitment to protecting our planet

February 26, 2024
February 26, 2024

Today we're proud to launch our nature and biodiversity strategy, which sets out our goals for 2030. We'll be supporting the transition to a nature positive economy, taking action as leaders in the banking sector. Together with our customers, we'll be engaging with nature and developing products and services that contribute to a world where nature is protected and recovering.

Australia is home to some of the world’s most unique nature and biodiversity, but biodiversity loss has been accelerating and we urgently need to take action prevent the worst of the biodiversity crisis.

Nature is also critical to our global economy, with around half the world’s GDP moderately or highly dependent on nature.

Banks have an important role to play in protecting nature and we’ll use responsible lending and investments to support the transition to a nature positive economy.

“In 2023, 87% of our customers said they are concerned about biodiversity loss. Our nature and biodiversity strategy sets out how we’re taking action on their behalf and using our customers’ money as a force for good," says Bram Mason, our Nature and Biodiversity Manager.

Caring for nature together

We’re the only Australian bank to care for a conservation reserve, and through our work regenerating and protecting the reserve since 2008, we’ve seen that nature repair takes time. That’s why we need to protect what we have now, to leave behind a healthy planet for future generations.

A bird sits on a tree branch, while another lands onto the branch

Setting the stage for a sustainable future

Between now and 2030, we will work with our partners and customers to protect and regenerate nature.

Our nature and biodiversity strategy sets out three core action areas:

1. Awareness and engagement

Engaging with nature is good for our mental and physical health and helps us understand the ecosystems we all depend on - for our lives and our livelihoods. We will work with our customers and partners to identify the best ways for us to discover, engage with and protect nature.

2. Products and services

Banks can protect nature and biodiversity through high integrity markets, and we’re working on products and services that enable us to lead the transition to a nature positive economy.

3. Leadership

We believe it’s our responsibility to protect what we have now and leave behind a healthy planet for future generations. That’s why we’ll be advocating for systems change that supports a nature positive economy.

A group of people sit together on a log. One stands up, talking to the group

Working together towards our 2030 goals

We're working towards a world where nature is protected and recovering, and engagement with nature is increasing. Our strategy will help us get there, and support the transition to a nature positive economy in 2030.

Our ongoing dialogue with customers and stakeholders ensures that our initiatives are aligned with their values and aspirations. We’ll also work with our partners, Greening Australia, Trust for Nature, and the Barengi Gadjin Land Council, as we advance our shared goal of conservation.

Find out more about our nature and biodiversity strategy

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