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Accessibility Housing Australia Co-Founder, Perry Cross enjoys the view of Gold Coast on his balcony

Supporting specialist disability accommodation

March 1, 2024
February 13, 2023

Apartment complex “The Qube” has enviable views of the Gold Coast beaches and is located a stone’s throw from a number of Broadbeach shops and cafes. It’s prime real estate by any account, but there’s an added bonus: apartments at The Qube can be completely customised to suit the needs of people living with disabilities.

The Qube is one of several projects developed by Accessible Housing Australia (AHA) an organisation that builds specialist disability accommodation. AHA’s Co-Founder, Perry Cross, had an accident at the age of 19 which left him quadriplegic, and when he attempted to find independent housing he realised how inadequate Australia’s stock of accessible housing is.  

Perry uses a wheelchair and relies on a ventilator to assist with breathing, and wanted to live independently in a townhouse he purchased on the Gold Coast. Although he brought in friends working in the construction industry to help retrofit the townhouse to suit his needs, they found this was an impossible task.

Living at The Qube has given Perry independence, just as AHA’s property developments have done for many others living with disabilities. And Perry’s favourite part? The view.

“I don’t have many senses,” he says. I can’t feel and I can’t move, but I can see. That view means a lot to me.”

Only 5% of Australia’s housing stock is currently deemed “accessible” despite 30,000 people living with disabilities requiring high levels of support.

Funds invested in the Impact Term Deposit pilot refinanced lending in support of specialist disability accommodation (SDA) development including Perry’s apartment at The Qube, as well as other SDA developments like it, helping Bank Australia deliver on its commitment to expand accessible housing options for people living with disabilities in Australia.

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