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Bank Australia Minimay conversation reserve

Visiting Minimay and Salvana: our conservation reserve staff trip

February 27, 2024
July 7, 2023

In this blog, marketing team member Mitch Sherritt reflects on visiting the conservation reserve we help protect and preserve alongside the cultural significance of the reserve for the traditional custodians of the Wotjobaluk Nation, the Barengi Gadjin Land Council.

I recently had an amazing experience joining a group of Bank Australia employees on a 3-day trip to our conservation reserve. The reserve is a group of four properties on Wotjobaluk Country in Western Victoria. These properties are under a conservation covenant with Trust for Nature, which means they’re protected from development forever.

Bank Australia employee takes a selfie at the Minimay conservation reserve

This trip, being the first since the pandemic, had been eagerly awaited by not only the participants, but for our partners who help manage the reserve. We gained valuable insights into the history of the reserve and the efforts undertaken by Bank Australia, Greening Australia, Trust for Nature and the Barengi Gadjin Land Council (BGLC) to preserve it.

Bank Australia and our staff take immense pride in being the first bank globally to help steward a conservation reserve since 2008. Our conservation area now spans over 2,000 hectares, providing a safe haven for numerous native plant and wildlife species. This reserve holds great significance due to its meaning for Traditional Custodians, as well as the land’s importance to native animal habitat, water catchment, biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Bank Australia employees volunteering at Minimay conservation reserve, looking after the flora

Upon arriving at the reserve on the 10th of May, following a 5-hour bus journey, we were warmly welcomed by the staff at Little Desert Nature Lodge. After settling in, we participated in a welcome session where we delved into the reserve's history and discussed our expectations for the trip, eagerly anticipating all we were about to learn.

The next day, we ventured to Minimay, a short drive away from our accommodation. Here, we met Jess and Megan from Greening Australia, as well as Adam and Fiona from Trust for Nature. These organizations collaborate with Bank Australia to protect and manage the reserve. We gained insights into the various projects they were working on and even got our hands dirty by assisting in the removal of tree guards from 4-year-old Buloke trees.

Following a much-enjoyed lunch, we had the opportunity to explore the reserve alongside Adam and Jess, walking along two of the scenic trails. The beauty of the landscape left us in awe, and the abundance of diverse plants and animals was astounding. Within just 15 minutes, we encountered kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, and even a spotted marsh frog.

An echidna at the conservation reserve

On our final day, we visited Salvana, a property that significantly expanded the conservation efforts when it became part of the conservation area in recent years. Once again, we met with Jess and Megan from Greening Australia, who informed us about the Big Spring Monitoring project. This ongoing research initiative aims to effectively monitor the plant and wildlife within the reserve. We also took another walk around the area, marveling at the contrasting landscapes between Minimay and Salvana, despite their closeness.

The trip to the conservation reserve was truly eye-opening, offering valuable insights into the reserve's significance and the collaborative work of Bank Australia, Greening Australia, Trust for Nature and Barengi Gadjin Land Council. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this experience, and I eagerly look forward to further exploring the reserve and uncovering more about its significance within the broader landscape and to see the results of our nature and biodiversity efforts over the coming years.

Bank Australia employees and a park ranger walk together through the Minimay conservation reserve

For more information about Minimay and Salvana visit our conservation reserve history page

Mitch has been a member of the Bank Australia team for 5 years. He joined our marketing team with a focus on digital content, after several years as a customer support consultant and team leader in our contact centre. Keen to work with us too? Check our our careers page for info and current opportunities.

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