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2022-11-07 12:47 pm
Sophie records a podcast episode

We’re partnering with Australian Birth Stories for a podcast miniseries

March 1, 2024
June 8, 2023

Our 5-episode partnership, launching Thursday 8 June, delves into important financial aspects of planning for parenthood – and highlights how simple but powerful choices like where you choose to bank can help protect people and the planet for generations to come.

Plus the host of Australian Birth Stories, Sophie Walker, is also a proud Bank Australia customer.

Sophie Walker talks to a microphone, sitting a desk in her living room
“I joined Bank Australia because I wanted to make sure my banking aligns with my environmental and social values. The money in our bank accounts shapes the world our kids will inherit. Making the switch is a meaningful step we can take together.” – Sophie

Sophie started the Australian Birth Stories podcast as a grassroots project to share women’s and birthing parents’ experiences, with her background in public health and as a mum herself bringing together her professional and personal interests. Since launching the podcast, she’s helped share over 350 diverse stories of pregnancy, birth and postpartum with her passionate audience.

What will the miniseries cover?

Sophie speaks with a range of experts including fertility specialist Dr Violet Kieu, financial planner Canna Campbell, and executive director of The Parenthood, Georgie Kent. 

They discuss options and costs for pregnancy and birth care in Australia, preparing financially for IVF and parenthood, and accessing postpartum support. 

Sophie wears headphones smiling. A microphone and laptop stands in front of her

Why does Sophie bank with us?

As Australia’s first customer-owned bank, and accredited B Corporation, we do things a bit differently. We’re not obligated to external shareholders, so we can balance purpose and profit. Our responsible banking policy means we use money as a force for good

Our target of net zero emissions by 2035 is the most ambitious of any Australian bank. We don’t fund harmful industries like fossil fuels, live animal export, factory farming, gambling, weapons or tobacco. And we do invest in renewable energy transition, protecting nature, and social and affordable housing. We also offer parental leave pause on mortgage payments and competitive home loan rates, plus award-winning greener options like our Clean Energy Home Loan.

So becoming a Bank Australia customer is a step many parents and intending parents are choosing to make towards the future they’d like to build for their kids and communities. 

Listen to our Australian Birth Stories miniseries 

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