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PayTo payments

PayTo is a new way to manage payments from merchants and businesses, directly in your Bank Australia account.

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What is PayTo?

PayTo is like a direct debit-style system and physical card rolled into one digital alternative. Not only can you use it for recurring and one-off payments, you can see and manage all PayTo payments in the Bank Australia app or internet banking. 

What can you do with it?

Here’s a brief overview of how you can use PayTo:

  • Buy things in apps, online and at the shops
  • Subscribe to services and pay household bills
  • Add it to your digital wallet 
  • Link it to ‘buy now pay later’ accounts

Where to get PayTo

You can access PayTo through your Bank Australia app and internet banking. You don’t need to download an another app or turn anything on. Please ensure you're updated to the latest version of the app to start using PayTo.

How does a PayTo agreement work?

The merchant, business or service provider will set up the PayTo agreement which will then appear in your banking app or internet banking the agreements terms, like how much you're paying and for how long. You could be with them in person, at a digital checkout, or on the phone.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The merchant provides their payment terms 
  2. You select the the PayTo option where prompted
  3. You provide your PayID or BSB/account number
  4. You authorise the agreement in your banking app or internet banking
  5. The merchant can get paid instantly (in line, of course, with the terms of your agreement)

Who can I pay with PayTo?

You can use PayTo to make payments with any participating merchant, business or service provider. So that’s everything from subscription services and utilities providers, to food deliveries, groceries, and more.  Here’s the logo to look out for:

How do I manage PayTo payments?

You can keep track of all your PayTo payments in the Bank Australia app or internet banking. It’s like a hub for all your direct debit-style payments.
Here’s how it works:
  • See when payments will be debited and for how much
  • View, cancel and pause PayTo agreements anytime
  • Get a clear view of recurring payments in one easy place

Do direct debits still work?

It’s business as usual with any direct debit agreements you have in place. Nothing will change unless you want it to.  

PayTo or direct debits?

This is a personal preference, but guided by payment options available by the merchant, business or service provider. PayTo is like a digital direct debit system with less of the legwork involved in setting up a direct debit authority. 

Is PayTo secure?

PayTo has been built by the same people who brought us PayID and Osko, the New Payments Platform Australia (NPP Australia) ), and in collaboration with banks and payment industry. Here’s an overview of PayTo security and privacy:
PayTo payments can only go through once you’ve pre-authorised the agreement.
Who sees what
The only people who can see or retrieve your PayTo agreements are the merchant you enter into the agreement with and their bank, and you and your bank.
PayTo agreements are stored in an encrypted database managed by NPP Australia, the organisation behind PayID and Osko.
Bank security
Any transfers made from your Bank Australia account are protected by our security systems.

What accounts cannot be linked to a PayTo?

Home loans, Personal loans, Commercial Loans, Term Deposits, Christmas saver and accounts requiring two or more signatures will not be available to the PayTo service.

What happens if there’s an unauthorized PayTo agreement on my account?

If you become aware of an unauthorized PayTo agreement on your account, please contact us on 132 888.

Do I need to use a PayID with PayTo?

PayTo agreements can be created using a PayID linked to the payer customer’s bank account or by using a BSB and account number.

Are there any fees associated with PayTo?

Bank Australia will not charge any fees to use the PayTo service however fees may incur in the case of payment investigations. The merchant you have the agreement with may charge fees for their service.

Can I transfer my PayTo agreement to another account?

PayTo agreements can be simply transferred from one Bank Australia account to another through Digital Banking.

Can I transfer my PayTo agreement from one bank to another?

At this stage a PayTo agreement cannot be moved from one financial institution to another, this capacity will be introduced in a later release.

Is PayTo available for Joint Account holders?

Where an account requires multiple signatures, a PayTo agreement at this stage will not be available on this account. One to sign joint accounts will require authority from only one party to commence a PayTo agreement.

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