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Knowing how to stay safe online will make your shopping more enjoyable and convenient.

If you're completely new to online shopping, you need to know the tips and tricks for staying safe. Things like looking for the 's' for 'security' in a web site's address and being wary of free trial offers that ask you to put in your personal and payment details before getting access to the trial. Also learn about online fraud: viruses and spyware can harm your computer and other electronic devices and give third parties access to your personal information and account details. It's also really important to keep your computer secure and log off if you're using a shared computer. These tips and tricks quickly become habits.

The other big consideration for online shopping is how to pay. You can use one of many online payment systems, such as internet banking and PayPal, or a credit card.

Financial products that can help: If you'd like to pay online, you'll need a debit or credit card unless you use a service such as PayPal which can link directly to an account. You can choose from:

  • debit cards, which access your savings so you have the convenience of a credit card while using your own money
  • low rate cards, which offer a low rate and lower repayments, but all the benefits of a big-name credit card
  • standard credit cards, which offer extra features, such as a competitive interest rate, some days interest fee, and no annual fee
  • premium credit cards, which offer many added extras, such as competitive interest rates, frequent flyer points and complimentary products and services, like travel insurance.

We offer all of these card types and can help you choose the best one for your needs.

Internet banking is a service available to anyone with an account. You simply and securely log in from your PC, tablet computer or smartphone to complete a range of transactions online, including paying bills.

You can also sign up for Visa Checkout through internet banking. Instead of using your card number, you log in with a password to make the purchase. It's a free service.

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