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Card control settings

With card controls, you can switch various card functions on or off, depending on how you want to use your card.

What are card controls?

They’re preferences you can set up for how you’d like to use your card. You can slide features on and off in the app or internet banking when you need them, or you can keep them on all the time. 

How to access card controls

It’s digital access only in the app or internet banking. The teams on the phone and in our branches can’t set these for you – though they can answer any questions you may have. 

Toggle on/toggle off

In the app:

  • Select ‘Cards’
  • Tap on your card
  • Tap ‘Card Controls’

In internet banking:

  • Go to ‘Services’ > ‘Cards’
  • Click ‘Card Controls’

Types of controls

Here’s what you can enable or disable:

  • Card lock
  • payWave (tap & pay) transactions
  • In-store transactions
  • Online transactions
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Digital wallet
  • International transactions

Card lock

If you misplace your card, you can temporarily lock it instead of cancelling it. ‘Temporary lock’ immediately disables all features other than digital wallet until you unlock your card – so, you can still pay for things. Existing payments like direct debits will still work, too. 

Disable digital wallet
You can manually disable digital wallet when ‘card lock’ is on.

payWave transactions

If you have a payWave-enabled credit or debit card, you can use Card Controls to turn payWave off (it’s ‘on’ by default when your card arrives). 

When payWave is enabled, you can ‘tap’ your card on a contactless point of sale terminal to make a payment. 

When payWave is disabled, you won’t be able to pay for things by ‘tapping’ your card. Instead, you’ll need to either insert or swipe your credit or debit card to make the transaction.

In-store transactions

Disabling in-store transactions will block payments attempted where the card is physically presented at a merchant terminal (eftpos machine). So, if you swipe or insert your card, or use payWave when making a payment.

It does not affect digital wallet transactions or online transactions.

Online transactions

If you disable online transactions via Card Controls, you won’t be able to use your card to buy things online – nor will you be able to use your card to pay for things via phone, mail or any other transaction where your physical card is not present (also known as card-not-present transactions). 

This control feature excludes digital wallet transactions.

ATM withdrawals

Disabling ATM withdrawals on your card will block cash withdrawals and cash transfers at any ATM. 

This will not affect staff-assisted cash withdrawals made on your access card at a bank branch.

Digital wallet

For payments on devices and online. Disabling digital wallet on your card will block all transactions where you attempt to use Apple Pay, Google Pay and/or Samsung Pay. This includes any in-app purchases.

International transactions

Each Card Control has an option to disable by region, either domestically or internationally. 

So for example, you could decide you would like ATM withdrawals to be enabled within Australia but disabled outside of Australia for your own protection.

Need help?

Send us a secure message in the app or internet banking 

Or call us.

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